Phil Schiller comments on the blocking of Steam Link

Phil Schiller explica por qué no ofrecen la posibilidad de cobrar por las actualizaciones en la App Store

Yesterday we saw Apple block the launch of Steam Link on iOS by disapproving the application on the App Store. We put some reasons as possible causes for the suspension, but now Phil Schiller has come out to officially explain why he decided to close the Valve .

Phil Schiller comments on the blocking of Steam Link
Phil Schiller comments on the blocking of Steam Link

He did so with a message he sent to several people asking about the subject, which they picked up on MacStories and Reddit. In it he explains that the reasons are simple: Steam Link broke some rules of the App Store and therefore could not be approved.

Users who were waiting for the application have even organized a petition of signatures for Apple to approve Steam Link, but given what Phil says it will depend more on both Apple and Valve reach an agreement . They are two services, with both purchasing systems and content platforms. The fact that one is integrated into the other conflicts with several rules and therefore the process has to be very careful.

Valve and Apple are interested in making Steam games playable on iOS and tvOS

What is likely to cause such conflict? Well, doing almost Phil we can talk about the payments in Steam, of which Apple will surely want a part if they are executed from an iOS device . There may also be a conflict with adult games, although we have already seen that in some examples we start to see wide sleeves as long as the indications are respected.

From now on, it’s time to wait. The release will probably be delayed because of this, but it’s good news that Phil Schiller has come out to talk about it because means that both companies are interested in Steam Link appearing on the App Store . This fact alone shows that Cupertino is gradually opening the door to more content, even though it was initially designed for other platforms.

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