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Perpetuall, your address book will never be more secure and up-to-date

The truth is that with all the technology we have today when it comes to mobile phones, it is surprising to see how our phones’ address books are so “static”. It’s almost like having a paper address book with the phones written down, there’s little else we can do with it if our contacts don’t inform us of any changes. Per-pet-u-all comes to try to solve all this .

It is not intended to change our phone book, it is not intended to replace anything, nor that we make calls through it, nor that we send emails with it or anything like it. Per-pet-u-all will work in the background, keeping our address book as up-to-date and secure as possible . This is an atypical application, as there is little we can do with it once it is installed and configured.

Perpetuall, your address book will never be more secure and up-to-date
Perpetuall, your address book will never be more secure and up-to-date

In principle it is strange, because when we download an application from the App Store, we are eager to try it, to use it, to try to get the most out of it. With Per-pet-u-all this doesn’t happen, we simply install it, create an account and that’s it, little else we’ll have to do with it.

Some basic concepts of application

As I said before, Per-pet-u-all is not intended to replace our phonebook , we won’t have to access the application to see changes or call the phone number of the contact who changed it. It actually works with our raw address book. If a contact changes their phone number or email address, Per-pet-u-all will transmit this information to our address book.

That’s why it asks us for access to it, and the possibility to send us push notifications as we install it. As soon as we register and as soon as we create an account, the application will backup all the contacts in our address book to its servers . This will be fully encrypted and secure, which will help us to recover our contacts if we suffer a mishap and lose our phone.

Introducing Perpetuall from perpetuall on Vimeo.

More concepts and where the application could evolve

This is a multiplatform application , there is a version for iOS, Android and even Windows Phone , so you can suggest to all your contacts to install the application and get updated any changes and that they update their agendas if we change some of our data. A push notification of the change will appear and our agenda will change by itself.

Have you ever tried how complicated it is to migrate a contact book between different platforms? If you had an iPhone and switched to Android or Windows Phone (or vice versa), getting your phonebook from one device to another was tedious. There were a few steps to take and it took a while. With Per-pet-u-all this is over, we only have to install the application in our new mobile, set up our user account and automatically all our contacts will appear from the backup.

PerpetuallEn Apple
The possibility of notifying a new eventual number while we are out of our country , or discriminating incoming calls if we have activated a Roaming service and we want to receive only the important calls so we don’t suffer additional charges on our phone bill, all this with Per-pet-u-all is possible.

Unlike other options we have already mentioned at Apple, Per-pet-u-all is multiplatform, so all your contacts will be able to access the application and notify any changes more easily. The application is based on a very simple (but useful) concept and promises more functionalities in the future , so we must be alert to possible developments.

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