perhaps the new competition to the App Store

EA anuncia Origin

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perhaps the new competition to the App Store
perhaps the new competition to the App Store

Perhaps Origin , the new store and distribution platform for digital entertainment from Electronic Arts is a direct competitor of Apple’s App Store . It remains to be seen. In the meantime, let’s take a brief look at the launch of this new online store for PC and mobile games.

Electronic Arts , that giant in the world of video games, has presented Origin , an online store where we can buy games for PC and mobile platforms. Indeed, as we saw this week in Touch Arcade and as our colleagues at Gamikia have already commented, this project is still at an early stage, but it looks very interesting, as it will offer an experience similar to that currently offered by the Steam platform from Valve . In Origin we will be able to buy games that interest us online through an attractive user interface where we can connect to an online distribution service, or directly interact with other users.

In addition, we will also be able to acquire the games “physically”, as a kind of EA Store , a useful service for those lovers and collectors of the old covers and original packaging of the games that have always characterized EA products.

This is for the distribution of PC games. As for the other party (the mobile users) the platform will provide access to a personal profile, which will allow to be in touch and play with our friends. In this respect, among the titles that we will find initially will surely be Scrabble and Battlefield 3 .

It will be very interesting to see how Apple will react to this new initiative. Origin, in fact, seems to have similarities with both the App Store and the Game Center ; however, given the weight and importance of Electronic Arts, it is likely that the issue does not end here, and we are probably facing a new battle for this “piece of cake”, in this market as rich and as millionaire as it is the digital leisure .


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