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perfil the Phil Schiller, SVP marketing the productos the Apple

A few days ago we started at Apple with the “Who’s Who at Apple” special, which tries to deepen the profiles of the company’s top executives. Personalities that are part of a machine that, almost always, shows itself oiled and with a good rhythm of work, not for nothing is considered one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Eduardo has already presented us with the profile of Jeff Williams, and it is time to move on to one of the executives with the most media presence, Phil Schiller , senior vice president of worldwide product marketing at Apple, in short, he is in charge of many of the strategies for dissemination and presence with respect to all the devices that Apple launches.

perfil the Phil Schiller, SVP marketing the productos the Appleperfil the Phil Schiller, SVP marketing the productos the Apple

Let us know in detail everything that Phil Schiller has done.

Profile of Phil Schiller, SVP of Apple’s Global Product Marketing

Full name : Philip W. Schiller. Current position : SVP of worldwide marketing of Apple products. Year of birth : 1960 (55 years old). Higher education : Bachelor’s degree in biology from Boston College. Date of joining Apple : 1997. Executive Team Member : since February 2002.


Born in Natick, Massachusetts, Phil Schiller was never able to practice as a biologist, although his first job was as a laboratory technician at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in 1983. Within this medical institute he discovered that he liked programming and playing with systems. After one year, in 1984, he got a job as a programmer and systems analyst at Massachusetts General Hospital, taking his mind off biology completely .


By 1985 he migrated to Nolan, Norton & Company under the title of systems analyst. It was here that in 1987 he met a young man named Steve who invited him to join his company as Product Marketing Manager, and thus began an interesting career thanks to his involvement with Apple Computer. But the departure of Steve Jobs in 1985 would cause a large part of his team to leave the company, including Phil, who was leaving Apple Computer in 1993.

But it’s because of Phil’s hard work that he immediately gets a job at FirePower Systems as Director of Product Marketing, a position he held until 1995, when he joined one of the fastest growing companies, Macromedia , where he served as Vice President of Product Marketing for two years.

In 1997 Steve Jobs returned to Apple, which prompted Phil to also return to the company , but now as Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, a position he holds to this day and which has been instrumental in the company’s development.

The dynamic duo: the achievements of Phil Schiller

Phil has been recognized for great moments in Apple’s history, such as the important marketing campaigns for iMac, iBook, PowerBook G4, iPod, Mac OS X, but without a doubt one of his greatest achievements, curiously enough, has nothing to do with marketing, since he was part of the team responsible for the creation of the iPod’s click wheel interface .

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He has also been a key player in the creation of other products, as his opinion has always been highly respected within the company, so much so, that many claimed he would be Steve Jobs’ successor. The Jobs-Schiller dumbbell worked perfectly and they demonstrated it in a great way in every presentation, Phil was Steve’s inseparable companion in the demonstrations.

In each presentation, Phil played a crucial role alongside Steve, so Phil was the first choice to succeed Steve when he started with his health problems. Unfortunately, Phil’s performances lacked that dramatic quality and punch , he was even nervous, with a shaky voice, which showed that Phil on stage only worked in Jobs’ shadow.

Phil knows the products like no one else, he is great at what he does, but when it comes to having the spotlight, he doesn’t transmit passion and that is paramount for the position of CEO of the most important company in the world, he knows that, so it is rumored that his vote was for Tim Cook and he didn’t want to fight for the big position.

In 2013, Phil is named the highest-paid marketing manager in the world, with just over $60 million a year net.

Phil Schiller and his presence in the media

Despite the fact that Phil has decided to leave aside the large participation within the Keynote, his presence in the media is constant and even controversial , which shows what he knows about what he is talking about and always adds that additional element to his interviews and statements to ignite the debate.

From his opinions about Instagram, to his emails where he has explained certain company decisions, Phil is an important face of Apple. For example, he confirmed that there would be no dock for the iPhone 5, why the iPod Touch has no ambient light sensor, and even the iPad Mini price defense.

One of his most controversial statements was when in March 2013, during an interview with Reuters, he launched against Android, criticizing its low adoption rate, poor user experience and security.

Recently, Phil has also decided to take on Google Glass, mentioning that no one “normal” would be able to use it. As well as recently granted an interesting interview to John Gruber, who, among other things, explained some sensitive decisions in the company , as the 16 GB internal capacity in the iPhone.

Undoubtedly Phil Schiller is one of those personalities married to the company , today it looks difficult to occupy any position within another company, it is true that it no longer has as many reflectors as it had when Jobs was, but the reality is that he knows his job and no one knows how to assemble the image of Apple products as he does.

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