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Pennsylvania man sues Apple for his website

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Samuel Lit, a man living in Pennsylvania, has sued Apple claiming that the company has infringed a patent on its website.

Pennsylvania man sues Apple for his website
Pennsylvania man sues Apple for his website

Specifically, the plaintiff believes that the “Carousels” or “Sliders” on Apple’s website are identical to those on its patent.

Apple’s website has been using these carousels for some time to showcase its products and operating systems.

Samuel Lit holds United States Patent number 8,793,330 , described as “a system and method for displaying graphics, art, text, animation, video and other content”.

According to the patent, this is a 3D carousel display system that is capable of rotating images and other content at a predetermined speed.

Mr. Lit’s attorney alleges that Apple’s website, which also has a system of windows that rotate to display its products, allegedly infringes some of the 20 points of the patent.

Some of Apple’s violations would be “system for displaying content”, “on-screen carousel inserted”, “an engine for providing content to the carousel” and “a database for tracking how many customers buy products from your links”.

Samuel Lit is a radio broadcaster who used to work regularly with software and engine systems for Hy Lit Radio Technologies. Previously, he tried to monetize his patent via, but the website closed down in December.

It seems that Apple still has many friends lately, a few days ago we heard that a man sued the company because he thinks he invented the iPhone in 1992. We’ll be seeing how this case develops, and we’ll keep you posted.


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