Pebble, reference and inspiration for the future iWatch

The number of rumours that swirl around the long-awaited iWatch are already numerous. There has been talk of the arrival of two sizes, with a large number of flexible components or even talk of the incorporation of an ultraviolet sensor. All these rumours date its arrival back to the third quarter with Apple being one of the last to join the party of the wearables .

All this fever began with a famous campaign at Pebble’s Kickstarter , which has become a clear reference, partly due to its great success thanks to its features and design that has captivated thousands of users . This has been further enhanced by the arrival of its new steel version -Pebble Steel- which gave it a premium look that it failed to deliver in its original version . Even so, the success could be blurred by the arrival of new players like Samsung, Sony or Apple itself in the near future.

Pebble, reference and inspiration for the future iWatch
Pebble, reference and inspiration for the future iWatch

As I said, Pebble today is a reference and I’m not the only one who would love that Apple’s iWatch brings the best of it and discard the worst and I could see it on the net where I agree on many aspects of what should, and not, be iWatch. I don’t think that since Cupertino they are lacking in ideas but getting inspired by the strengths and running away from what the market doesn’t want could give them a boost for their future success.

What should you learn from Pebble iWatch?

  • Appearance: This is where my greatest insistence comes in. Users are asking for a technologically superior and different device but without losing the essence of what they really are, watches. Just look at the hype created by both Motorola and LG with the release of their next smartwatch. That’s why Apple, in my opinion, should follow this path where elegance and a beautiful design stand out but without reaching the eye-catching.
  • Visibility: This is another of the Pebble’s strong points since, thanks to its backlit electronic ink screen, its performance both outdoors and indoors with low light is enviable. Obviously, we will not see electronic ink in any device of the company of the apple bite but this does not remove that the material used for the future iWatch manages to perform at least remarkably in conditions where the light falls on it directly. Why do we want a clock if when we are in the middle of the street we will not even be able to look at the time?
  • Battery life: Another strength of the successful project born in Kickstarter. Thanks to the aforementioned electronic ink screen the battery life of the Pebble can be around 5-7 days depending on its use. If the future Apple wearable wants to avoid complaints and the anger of users, its performance should be in similar numbers – although I see it complicated. To bring out a device that addresses this category with a range of less than at least two days would be a joke. It is bad enough that we have to charge our mobile phones day after day and now we have to keep an eye on our watch.
  • Application Store: Another area where there shouldn’t be any discussion. Without applications to go with it, it would be empty. Not only is it enough to have standard applications preloaded by the manufacturer – which would undoubtedly perform the functions in a wonderful way – but it is also necessary to open it up to developers who are interested in the platform. Apple is not known for giving a lot of freedom in its ecosystem, but if the iPhone and iPad have their apps on the App Store, why couldn’t we see apps on it for iWatch?

Where should the iWatch stand out from Pebble?

  • No buttons: Fewer buttons would logically mean more space, so it would help reduce the size of the device. Hundreds and hundreds of lines have been written about the features that this new device would have, and the inclusion of a touch screen would eliminate any need for physical buttons. If something sins the Pebble is too thick, at least for me and my wrist.
  • Interface: The Pebble interface is more than enough for the functions we want to perform with it but sometimes we miss the colors and, above all, we miss a much more intuitive and friendly interface and Cupertino’s are masters at this. Here they have the opportunity to launch a real masterpiece that makes users choose their solution over any of the competition.
  • The voice is our friend: Siri is a powerful weapon but it needs filming, love and dedication from the engineers in the company. I’m one of those who use the assistant often, both Siri and Google Now have helped me on multiple occasions and without typing anything on the keyboard. Why not have Siri on our wrist?

It has always been said that comparisons are hateful but, to this day, the only device that catches my eye enough to wear it on my wrist is the Pebble so I wouldn’t mind Apple applying to its device the best that Pebble has in its gut . I want a simple, nice, comfortable device that does not differ much from any typical watch that we can find in any store. We can only wait to see the path they have taken from the Cupertino headquarters .

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