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Pebble now supports Gmail notifications

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Pebble now supports Gmail notifications
Pebble now supports Gmail notifications

Being a feature highly demanded by users, finally its creators bring it to the iOS application. And is that it is already possible to receive email notifications in that Smartwatch. At the moment it is compatible with Gmail accounts and some IMAP, while those services using POP are not supported.

Users with iOS 6 and a Pebble Smartwatch no longer have to wait for iOS 7 to receive email notifications, as the company that manufactures the watch has updated the iOS application, which now supports email alerts .

In this aspect we are somewhat behind the Android users, who already had the support for emails in the official Pebble application. Now in iOS is also possible. And is that over time Pebble is improving its clock incorporating new features in its application.

This new update supports Gmail by logging in with our Google account, as well as other IMAP accounts. The ones that are not supported are the old systems that still use POP to receive email. And if we are one of those who receive a lot of mail, the Pebble application allows us to temporarily pause the notifications to not run out of battery .

Once we’ve set up the account we’ll see it on the email notifications page. A blue bar indicates that the account is active. If we want to temporarily turn off the notifications then we just need to click on the bar and it will stop receiving them.

If I had this watch, I’d never let the mail get to this one. Even on the iPhone itself I have the notifications disabled. When you get several dozen emails a day it’s deadly to have the iPhone vibrating or ringing for every new message. So, my advice is that if you get a lot of mail a day , turn off all notifications and just let the little ball with the number of emails appear next to the icon, which doesn’t bother you.

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