PayPal can be integrated into iOS applications

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PayPal can be integrated into iOS applications
PayPal can be integrated into iOS applications

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PayPal is back with news under the arm, this time in the form we pay with your service. We have been presented with a new SDK in which developers will have the possibility to integrate PayPal payments within applications, so that users only have to enter their username and password and pay, without any further complications.

PayPal has been in iOS for a long time, but it hadn’t really made much progress in integrating with other applications. The only application that allowed us to pay with the service was eBay . Yes, as you well imagined, PayPal is from eBay.

Okay, so now the guys at PayPal have created a new API that will come with the PayPal SDK that will allow you to integrate a button to make payments from the application , either to buy things if we’re talking about a store or pay to donate to the developer if it’s an application from donationware .

This SDK will only be available for iOS at the moment and promises to be expanded to other platforms soon , but with no estimated date. What they do say is that this SDK will evolve throughout 2013 to offer more features.

The screenshots we see in the image are from the official PayPal application, because we don’t know yet how the integration with the new SDK will look like, but we assume that it will be a window that will allow us to login and configure the payment automatically, both in the amount and the recipient, so that we only have to put our credentials and click on Pay .

The reasons why this new PayPal feature has come to iOS before Android are obvious: Apple is a partner of PayPal and iOS users are infinitely more likely to pay for something than Android users, who are much more reluctant.

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