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payleven for iPhone and iPad

One of the obstacles that any company or self-employed person in your business often encounters is the high cost that having a POS that allows you to accept card payments and not just cash. However, this may no longer be a problem thanks to payleven, as it turns your iPhone or iPad into a POS, offering not only a cheaper POS, but a whole system that allows you to analyse the situation of your business.

To make it clear, payleven was created to offer a payment system using credit and debit cards that solves the disadvantages of traditional POS offered by banks: maintenance costs, minimum billing, monthly fees and permanence. This is a truly innovative system, so much so that Apple decided some time ago to market the payleven Chip&PIN card reader in its physical Apple stores and online in the accessories section.

How exactly does it work?

payleven for iPhone and iPad
payleven for iPhone and iPad

The first thing we need is the Chip&PIN card reader and the free payleven application that will connect via Bluetooth to the reader . In three simple steps you pay:

  1. We put the price to be charged in the application, where we can add a photo of the product, a description or directly choose the product from a catalogue that we will have previously configured.
  2. We pass the customer’s card through the magnetic reader or insert it into the reader. The customer signs in the payleven app or enters their PIN in the reader, depending on the type of card.
  3. We send the ticket by mail or print it directly on a printer connected to the iPhone or iPad.

It goes without saying that is an absolutely encrypted process where the data is not used by third parties. The system complies with the security standards that exist for this type of transaction . Moreover, the Chip&PIN card reader is compatible with both credit and debit cards, MasterCard, VISA and, in the coming months, with American Express.

Advantages of using this system?

  • Faster and easier: Registering and using this system is much faster and easier than the traditional one, we only have to register in payleven and very soon we will be able to use it in our business.
  • It can be linked to any bank account: While in the traditional system we must meet certain requirements, here we can link it to both our personal and company bank accounts, the only requirement is that it be a Spanish account.
  • Cheaper: As we have mentioned before, there are no monthly fees, no billing requirements, no permanence and no small print. The only payment we will make is a commission of 2.75% of the transactions.
  • Extra functions in the app: payleven not only allows you to accept payments, but also has additional functions to facilitate business management, such as the ability to create accounts for employees, export our sales history in Excel or create a product catalog.

payleven: pagos con tarjeta

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In short, payleven is a good option if you are creating your business or you already have it created but don’t want to complicate it with traditional banks and POSs. With payleven we will have a good system of payment by credit cards.

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