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PayBack, no more complications with group travel finances


Payback, an application for the iPhone, solves the problem of these payments .

PayBack, no more complications with group travel finances
PayBack, no more complications with group travel finances

By integrating with the system’s agenda, Payback is able to add several people and create a trip. From there, we can add each expense by noting the amount of money, the person who paid it and the people involved in this payment (can be all the people on the trip or just some). Once the trip is over we just have to check the status of the debts and Payback will show us a list with the total expense of each one and the amount of money each one owes. The application calculates it intelligently, and always shows it with the minimum possible transactions .

The idea is very good, and it is almost rare to see how this simple application has gone quite unnoticed for more than a year. It is completely free , although it is intended for only one person to control all the expenses of the group. A good evolution of the application could be that trips can be shared and managed among several people by synchronizing them in the cloud, although this is not a disadvantage at all. Payback is one of those applications that stays installed on our devices and shows from time to time that it deserves it.

By the way, be careful if you download it: there is another application with the same name that costs money and is not the application we are talking about here.

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