PawScout, the gadget with which you will find your lost pet


Do you have a dog? If you do, you know how bad it gets when he follows a trail and gets lost in the woods. Did you know that a dog gets lost on average every seven seconds? Well, from now on, besides whistling like a madman, you will have a technological alternative that will allow you to find your lost pet. This is PawScout, a device that hangs from the dog’s collar and traces its location at all times . In fact, it’s much more than a gadget, as this accessory is linked to an entire social network to the rescue of your best friend.

PawScout, the gadget with which you will find your lost pet
PawScout, the gadget with which you will find your lost pet

Its manufacturer has described it as social gadget and it not only keeps your dog located in the location where it is, but also will alert you if it leaves a radius that you have previously determined . But as we have pointed out, in addition to the technology, this system has a powerful social element that will contribute to the collective effort to locate the lost dog earlier.

The idea is to create a network of dog owners who use this system to work in community for the good of all. Thus, if a dog using PawScout gets lost in a geographical area where there is another user of the system, the latter will receive a notification on his mobile phone indicating the location of the lost dog . This way, you can locate it and contact its owner, taking advantage of this ‘sentinel’ user network.

The system has no additional maintenance costs , and the device is waterproof, allowing the user to write the name of the dog and a phone number or way of contacting its owner on the tag. It is already on sale for less than 30 dollars and has its corresponding application for the iPhone, in addition to access through the web.


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