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Patents appear for alleged Apple glasses and headset

Este es probablemente el concepto más feo de gafas de Apple que hemos visto

El sensor mostrado en los esquemas de las patentes podría tener la misma función que los que podemos encontrar en los AirPods , que permite pausar y reanudar la reproducción según estén cubiertos o no. Por ahora, las dos patentes nos sirven para que sepamos que Apple sigue trabajando en ambos productos. Incluso, que una posible presentación de ambos podría estar más cerca de lo que creemos.

Patents appear for alleged Apple glasses and headset
Patents appear for alleged Apple glasses and headset

Apple’s Augmented Reality glasses could be months away from being officially introduced. The company began developing this type of technology several years ago , and gradually have been able to create an augmented reality platform that could become the ultimate with ARKit. Now, and several days before the possible presentation of ARKit 3 at WWDC 2019, it seems that we could have the first attempt of the company with this kind of hardware very close.

Thanks to Patently Apple we have been able to learn about the existence of some patents related to what appear to be augmented reality glasses. Specifically, among the designs would predominate some glasses in which it is possible to insert the iPhone to use it as a screen , although they could have a completely different design. For example, it has been rumored in the past that the iPhone could have the processing power of the glasses to leave a separate screen in them.

Along with these new patents related to augmented reality, we have also been able to access some more related to the new headphones that Apple could be creating for the near future. Previously, it was indicated that the company was thinking of offering headset for those who had not been convinced by the AirPods. In this case, the patent refers to optical proximity sensors that would be installed in these headphones.

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