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Patent Troll Demands Closure of iMessage and FaceTime

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The patent troll nightmare doesn’t end for Apple. If you remember, at the beginning of the year, Cupertino’s people were forced to pay a whopping 626 million dollars for a lawsuit for alleged patent infringement on behalf of iMessage and FaceTime. The patent troll VirnetX beat Tim Cook’s case in court and was forced to go through the checkout line. However, it seems that all the money is not enough since this company returns to the charge raising the bet.

Patent Troll Demands Closure of iMessage and FaceTime
Patent Troll Demands Closure of iMessage and FaceTime

VirnetX has restarted its profitable legal machine to demand from Apple an additional $190 million because it considers that Apple has not been ‘reasonable’ enough despite paying this million. But the demands do not end here, since the Texas firm demands at the same time the closure of iMessage and FaceTime in the United States, for ‘the damage done’ to its company.

In all this history of nonsense, once the ban was opened, it seems that anything goes: VirnetX has no intention (nor has it ever had) to market services similar to those affected, but this has not prevented it from even accusing Apple of ‘unreasonable’ legal behavior . You don’t have to read between the lines to understand that this ‘patent troll’ is only putting all the ingredients on its side to keep Apple paying.

And with this company, the pulse goes back to 2012 when they demanded no more and no less than to prevent the sale of the iPad and iPhone in the United States. That matter was also settled by passing through the cash desk, but in this business there is not a single minute for a break. A few weeks ago we echoed another lawsuit filed, and this one is bigger.