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Patent Re-Shows Apple Watch with Face ID and Smart Strap

The Apple Watch is gradually becoming an indispensable accessory in our daily lives, both in the field of health and in sports. The latest generation of the Apple Smart Watch we have seen presented did not include any major changes in terms of new sensors. But a new patent granted to Apple again shows that in the future the Apple Watch could include Face ID and smart straps.

This patent application to which we refer was made in September 2017 although it has been granted today. If we focus on the improvement of smart belts, the application proposed by Apple is mainly focused on sports training . Taking baseball and golf as examples, this intelligent strap would allow the watch to analyse grip and swing. This would be achieved with tension sensors that would be included in the strap itself.

Patent Re-Shows Apple Watch with Face ID and Smart Strap
Patent Re-Shows Apple Watch with Face ID and Smart Strap

Throughout the explanation of the patent, it is described in great detail how the performance of users in a sport would be measured using previously measured information that resides in a database to provide feedback to the user on how to improve.

In addition to this smart strap, references are also included to the inclusion of camera in the Apple Watch dial . These cameras could have various functions such as reading QR codes or making video calls. And it is logical to think that if we have a front camera in the clock could also be easily unlocked by recognizing our face.

According to the patent, the digital camera to be incorporated would be compact and include image sensors such as a CMOS sensor and optical components such as lenses. This camera would be able to capture images or record video, which could be stored in the system itself. In one of the situations proposed, an automatic focus is proposed if we are in a variable focal length.

Both technologies have been discussed at length in the past. The inclusion of a camera in the Apple Watch is something we have already seen patents on, and we think it may be something interesting for making video calls but using a single camera for facial recognition is quite complex as the security it provides is not enough.

When it comes to smart straps, it may be the smartest step towards improving the Apple Watch. We must understand that in the body of the watch it is complicated to introduce new

sensors but that is why we believe it is appropriate to include sensors in the belts themselves although this will make them more expensive but will also give us many new functions.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about having an Apple Watch with Face ID, would you find it useful?