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[Part One] Mac Campus Experience

At Applesupportphonenumber we had the opportunity to spend a day at the Mac Campus. We enjoyed a total of three workshops from which we learned new things. We explain you our particular experience of the ninth edition of this event, which was held in Barcelona.

As you may know if you have visited the blog, from August 4th to 7th the ninth edition of the Campus Mac has been celebrated. For four days, Barcelona has once again become the meeting place and meeting point for machinists from all over Spain. Now, a few days after its closure, we can evaluate with note the organization. The success of the Campus Mac is growing year after year.

[Part One] Mac Campus Experience
[Part One] Mac Campus Experience

Server can say that he had never attended this event before, and for the first time I did so last Saturday. I must admit that I expected something different from what I found. Different in the sense that I knew what I was going for, but I had never participated in anything like this before, so I was going with desire but at the same time with fear. In the end, the experience far exceeded all my expectations.

As soon as I arrived and saw the room, I started to feel comfortable. José Antonio, general secretary of the board, received me and explained the workshops they had scheduled for Saturday. Then I sat down and met Julio, a great Twitter contact who came expressly from Galicia to experience the Mac Campus, at just fourteen years old . In a few seconds, I realized the greatness of this place, and we were gathered in the main room with our computers: some with iMac, others with MacBook Pro, a few with MacBook Air, one with an iBook, another with his fifth-generation iMac and the last one with a Apple Macintosh 128KB , a computer that attracted a lot of attention. Undoubtedly, laptops were the rulers of the room . Everyone was at their own pace, but any assistant was open to exchanging files, words, advice and even help if necessary. A more than optimal working environment.

After twelve o’clock, we were invited to change rooms to go live to the recording of a live podcast organized by La Buhardilla 2.0, dedicated to science. Based mainly on the information we provided in Applesupportphonenumber (which is why they named us), they talked about the mathematics Apple uses to create their logos or the same website. They especially emphasized the misapplied calculations regarding the coverage offered by iPhone 4. Between humor and laughter, they changed the subject and went on to demystify the belief that beer is fattening. They named the sources that disproved this misconception and explained why. Yes, unless you drink three mediums a day, you can say that drinking doesn’t make you fat.

[Segunda Parte] Experiencia vivida en la Campus Mac

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After finishing the workshop, we decided to go to lunch. Another huge advantage is that the Mac Campus was only a 10 minute drive from La Maquinista , and any excuse was good to go to the Apple Store. There we ate and took the opportunity to go into what is the first official store of the block in Spain. When we finished, we ran to the Campus where the best workshop for me was waiting for us. We will explain it in a new blog entry, which I recommend you read . Jonatan Armengol gave us the honor of attending a practical class about VoiceOver. Besides learning more about the iPhone, he gave us a human lesson to all of us who entered that room.

Finally, at seven o’clock in the evening, we went to the last workshop of the day. It was the new Final Cut Pro X . We saw all its new features, the great similarity it has with the last version of iMovie and the dissatisfaction of the professionals who usually use this video editing program. The problem is that they have eliminated basic features, although they have gained others. They believe that the professionalism of the product has been lost by making it more compatible with the basic user. They left us a trial version to mess around with a little bit, and I can tell you that there is a great resemblance. I’m sure my next projects will go through Final Cut Pro X , as the operation is very well known and the results are optimal.

So much for my day. Everything had happened to me in a flash. I met Miguel López and Pedro Aznar in person, as well as other Apple users with great knowledge in the field. I learned values and more about my products .

In particular, I hope that next year’s edition will be held in Barcelona so that I can attend the whole weekend. One is left wanting more.

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