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[Part 2] We interviewed Victor Pimentel, developer of TVShows

Every series enthusiast and Mac user should use TVShows, the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy your favorite series with a click. Today we bring you the second part of the interview with Victor Pimentel

We continue with the second part of the interview with Victor Pimentel, developer of TVShows. In this second part we ask him about his professional career as a blogger and his opinion about the war between Samsung and Apple.

You’re a blogger? Where do you write and what do you write about?

[Part 2] We interviewed Victor Pimentel, developer of TVShows
[Part 2] We interviewed Victor Pimentel, developer of TVShows

Yes and no. Around 2004 I started a personal blog about technology in general called The Trash. In 2005 I started writing at Genbeta and I wrote regularly there until the end of 2010. For those who don’t know, Genbeta is Weblogs SL’s blog about software and the internet in general, practically the most popular in that subject in Spanish. I wrote there mostly a little bit (desktop applications, social networks, browsers, etc), always wanting to give it a little bit of personality and opinion rather than in reblogue or writing pure agency pieces. This year I’ve been a bit away from the world, although I don’t rule out writing again in a while, since the worm is always there.

How is your relationship with Apple products? Are you an apple lover, or just a happy Mac user?

I’m a computer scientist before I became a Mac user, so it’s complicated. I switched to Mac in 2007, trying out various versions of Linux and, of course, Windows first. As a computer, Mac is a real beauty that is simply light years away from the rest. Even for development, it’s up to Linux, and in some areas it’s even better than Linux. Although some movements of Apple with Lion do not convince me and I have some doubts about the future of the platform as a developer, since I switched to Mac I do not even consider returning to another system. So I have complaints about some of Apple’s decisions, but I like to keep a certain perspective.

Something similar happens with the rest of Apple’s products, with the added value that they have managed to adjust their prices to ranges that the competition cannot reach, as with the iPad. I understand several Apple’s decisions to limit their devices, but as a developer I would like, I would love to be able to install the applications you want. Although every product Apple has released in this new century has been almost futuristic, if the Mac had had the limitations of iOS from day one, applications like TVShows simply wouldn’t exist.

Do you have an iPhone? Anyway, why did you buy that phone and why do you think it’s the best?

Yes, I have an iPhone 4 and previously I had an iPod touch, so I already knew the platform. And of course I think it’s the best. Android, which would be the only similar competition I might consider buying, has other features that appeal to me, but the experience offered by iOS simply cannot be compared. Not to mention the thousands of apps we have available. Although given my technical profile, if I couldn’t do jailbreak the story would be different.

What do you think of the current war between Samsung and Apple? Do you think it will affect both companies negatively, or does Samsung have everything to lose?

1º parte de la entrevista a Víctor Pimentel

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But copying is a normal part of technology, and even Apple has copied many things in other fields (though far less). It doesn’t feel good to be copied so blatantly, but as a developer I can’t be in favor of patents. Technology has evolved so quickly precisely because everyone relies on the best ideas of others.

Personally if I were Apple I wouldn’t even worry about Samsung as a competition in the field of tablets , they are not going to win anything and the only thing they can get is bad press. Samsung might lose that battle, but there are dozens of companies that will bring similar products to Samsung.

I think they think that the market may resemble that of computers, with PCs multiplying like flies. My opinion is that it’s going to be more like the iPod market, which had a lot of competition but no one really overshadowed them. iPads are devices with which nothing can compare: the tablet that can fight with them on price have a very poor experience; and those that could have (that don’t have) a similar experience besides being significantly more expensive don’t have the wide catalogue of apps.

For me, the real difference between the war of the PC and the war of the tablet is that the general public is much more demanding than before, because they are already used to the technology. If I’m going to spend 500 euros on a tablet from Samsung, why not buy an iPad that everyone tells me is much better? The most productive attitude for Apple is to keep doing things right and forget about what the competition is doing.

What do you think of the cheeky copy of iPad accessories on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, why do they do it?

It’s clear that Apple is doing the right thing. Samsung knows this and is behaving like a Chinese company: bringing out “versions” to sell the accessories at a lower price. It doesn’t spend resources on designing those products that they already know work and therefore it is more profitable, that’s why it does it. That’s why they decided to copy the whole strategy.

We’ll see how the tablet market develops in the future, and how the upcoming Apple ads impact phone sales, but I’d bet that Apple will continue to dominate in both areas for years to come.

Thank you very much for your attention, it was a pleasure to have you between the lines. See you next time!

Glad you thought of me for the interview. I also remember you did one with Pedro Aznar, a fellow cracker from Mac world.

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