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Parallels is updated to allow installation of Mojave macOS

Parallels is an essential tool for all users who are required to work on various operating systems either for their studies or for work purposes. The Parallels development team today released version 14 for Mac which allows you to install Mojave macOS now, which is normal when Apple announces a new operating system.

The most notable new feature of this update is undoubtedly the support for Mojave macOS and the latest version of Windows. This will allow any developer or hobbyist to install the latest beta Mojave macOS in a virtual machine without leaving a stable operating system like High Sierra.

Parallels is updated to allow installation of Mojave macOS
Parallels is updated to allow installation of Mojave macOS

Along with this compatibility, they have also made it easier to use Windows on a Mac by enabling the TouchBar on Macs to incorporate custom shortcuts into Windows as if it were a native MacOS application.

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In addition to these new features, Parallels 14 has focused on improving performance by 10%, and also optimizes storage better. Developer research says that if a Windows 10 virtual machine was 45.13GB in version 13, this update will only take up 17.77GB . This will allow us to have several operating systems installed on our computer without too much trouble.

Along with these new features, Parallels now allows you to open a large number of applications in a Windows virtual machine as well as the possibility of being able to use 4K cameras, something very useful if we have to use professional video conferencing applications in our virtual machine.

If you are interested in this new version, you simply need to pay 49.99 if you already have the previous version installed. If you want to buy a new license, you will have to pay 99.99 It’s clear that this update brings some very interesting new features that will be worthwhile for those who need to be on two operating systems constantly.

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