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Papers, Please’, that’s the game that will steal thousands of hours on your iPad

They say that in the world of video games everything is made up and it’s hard for anything to surprise you. Although that idea is partly true, every now and then titles come out that slap people in the face who think nothing is new and everything that comes out is a simple variation of something that came before. One of the games that could give this slap in the face is ‘ Papers, Please ‘, which comes out tomorrow December 12 for iPad .

What is it about ‘Papers, Please’ that makes it so special? Well, basically everything. Although saying this is practically an absolute truth, it would be unfair to say only this about a title like ‘Papers, Please’. The fact is that the game created by Lucas Pope is so magnificent that every detail it has could be the excuse to write articles about it. Despite being a 2013 game, the fact that ‘Papers, Please’ is coming to iPad is one of the best news we could have. Or one of the worst, if we think about the time it will steal from us.

Imagine being… an immigration inspector

Papers, Please’, that’s the game that will steal thousands of hours on your iPad
Papers, Please’, that’s the game that will steal thousands of hours on your iPad

It is the year 1982 and we are in the glorious kingdom of Arstotzka. The Iron Curtain has just fallen and our beloved communist homeland is being rebuilt after a horrible war with the neighbours of Kolechia. Poverty and hunger are the daily life of our people, but thanks to the national lottery we have been given an enviable job: to be immigration inspectors :

Approving or denying individuals entry to Arstotzka, that’s the idea behind ‘Papers, Please’. Although it seems like a simple idea, the complexity comes when we have to inspect all the documents that the government demands from us every day, having to check if what the visitors give us is true and if it complies with the rules imposed that day, since depending on how the story goes, the government will impose different requirements to be able to cross the border.

The inspection work is complemented by an argument under the documents . While we are approving passports or work permits we will meet individuals who will ask us for different favors on which we have to decide in the shortest time possible, since depending on the speed and quality of our work we will get one amount or another of money to be able to support our family. Do we let the man who comes every day with a made-up passport pass by? Or do we let ourselves be bribed by a terrorist group that wants to overthrow the glorious Arstotzka government? It is up to us to follow one path or another and discover the story behind these decisions.

A multitude of prizes are behind it

Underneath that pixel and indie aesthetic lies a tremendously addictive game. And it’s not just us who say so, since the quality of ‘Papers, Please’ has been recognized on many occasions with awards of all colors and flavors. Papers, Please’ has won everything from the BAFTA for the best strategy and simulation game in 2013 to the best indie game according to Forbes magazine.

Entrevista con Lucas Pope creador de ‘Papers, Please’

In the interview we conducted with him in Xataka, the creator himself acknowledged that the game has worked better than he expected . In spite of being a game with a pixel aesthetic and with an idea that can be considered monotonous, ‘Papers, Please’ has managed to make thousands of players fall in love with its story and setting, achieving incredible sales figures in its first months of life. With this release in iOS, the game is now available on virtually all platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux and soon PS Vita.

The iPad version

The iPad version of ‘Papers, Please’ arrives today on the App Store with a promotional price of . The game is fully adapted to the touch interface, ready to play in an upright position

and unfortunately it’s not translated into Spanish. If we have played the original version, we will only find a small difference: the option of nudity in the scanners has been removed , because according to the creator himself, Apple considered that these pixel images of naked people (you scan the suspects at a time of the game) was a type of pornography that violated the rules of the App Store.

If you have not tried ‘ Papers, Please ‘ I encourage you to do so as I can assure you that you will not be disappointed in the least. And if you have already done so, I have nothing to do, as you will surely be entering the App Store to download it once again to spend hours protecting our glorious nation. Long live Arstotzka!

Papers, Please Version 1.0.6. Requires iOS 5 or later. For iPad only

  • Price: 5,49 ?
  • Developer: 3909 LLC
  • Download: iTunes

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