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Pantalla iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5s

Every time a new device is introduced, people are eager to take it apart and see what components it assembles, test it and check the quality with which it has been manufactured. When the device is from Apple, this passion is even greater, both for the pleasure of showing off their magnificent work and to discredit the company from the bite of the apple. We have already seen many of the components that the iPhone 5s assembles, but there is one that surprises us with its quality, although not precisely in a positive way.

Although it has been quite a few weeks since the presentation of the new Apple iPhones, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c, the developers continue to analyze them and find new features and surprises that are not always pleasant. For example, with the theme of the screens. Although many expected a bigger screen on this new generation of mobiles, many of us knew that Cupertino’s wouldn’t take this step (at least not yet). Why? Because that’s what he’s been doing in the past models. With the 3G and the 3Gs passed, they were exactly the same model but with internal changes. Exactly the same with the 4 and the 4s. With the 5s we can see that it has done what was expected: the same model but with significant changes .

Pantalla iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5s
Pantalla iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5s

What we didn’t all expect was that, even though we knew the screen wouldn’t change in size , we did expect some change in quality , although it’s true that the iPhone 5 screen is one of the best. It has to be said, that there has been a change in quality, although it may have been towards worse. In what way? Is the screen of the iPhone 5s worse than the one of the iPhone 5? Well, the evidence seems to indicate that it is.

Although the iPhone 5s screen is still of high quality and very well calibrated at the factory, it must be said that the iPhone 5c screen seems to have a better calibration of colors and white tones . Although it’s brighter than the one on the 5s, it also has higher black levels, which gives it a better image. We’ll leave you with the test results so that you can compare the results yourself.

As we can see, there are many occasions when the iPhone 5 screen exceeds that of the 5s , indicating a slight loss of quality in manufacturing, or that they have put a worse quality panel. It may be that the manufacturer is not the same or that the materials have been purchased elsewhere. What should not be allowed is that there are times when even the iPhone 4s screen can outperform the last one to be manufactured , as we can see in the graphic Brightness (White) . Perhaps Apple is saving an ace up its sleeve for the future presentation of the iPhone 6, which hopefully will be the bomb and will not keep the design we have had in the latest models, except for the 5c.

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