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Painting with the Apple Pencil on iPad will be much more realistic

Apple did not invent the stylus, and in fact Steve Jobs himself was not a big fan of these digital pens, at least for the iPhone. However the iPad Pro and now also other ranges of iPad, have support for the Apple Pencil, a stylus that already in its second generation had significant improvements that would now be overcome by a third generation. Below we tell you what Apple is planning, or at least what we can see in their patents related to their Pencil.

Although not all users with an iPad will need an Apple Pencil, the truth is that for many users it is indispensable for carrying out different tasks. Whether it is taking notes by hand as if the iPad were a notebook or making drawings and even graphic arts in a professional way. The Apple stylus is very valid for this and its low latency and accuracy emulate almost perfectly to a real pencil.

Painting with the Apple Pencil on iPad will be much more realisticPainting with the Apple Pencil on iPad will be much more realistic

However, despite what was said before, the Apple Pencil does not end up simulating one hundred percent what we feel when we take a paper and a pencil and start writing or drawing. Therefore Cupertino’s company is working on a technology that would allow the stylus to emit a kind of haptic vibration with which it would be to simulate the aforementioned paper and pencil feeling.

We have learned all this thanks to the discovery of a patent registered by Apple at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. As described by Appleinsider, this document describes a “force detection system that can detect tip movement in relation to the housing when a force is applied to the tip”. And what does this gobbledygook mean? Well, basically it talks about a new tip concept for the Apple Pencil, which would be mobile and integrate a small tiny haptic motor capable of emitting small vibrations.

This patent is very similar to another one registered in 2015, when the first Apple Pencil had not even been filed, and joins others that we had seen recently. The last one talked about a system by which the pencil would be much more ergonomic for users. It is not known if both patents will be integrated into the same Apple Pencil or if they will even see the light, in any case it seems clear that Apple wants to work to improve the star accessory of the iPad with small features that significantly improve the user experience.

The patent contains more technical data that may be of interest to you. You can access the full document by clicking here .

What do you think about this new Apple patent that has been discovered? Do you think we will end up seeing this in the Apple Pencil? What would you improve about the apple stylus? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.