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Paint and Draw en App Store

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MyBrushes Pro is a unique application that creates images and reproduces the same painting process in an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF CANVAS SIZES. It supports UNLIMITED layers with UNLIMITED undo steps. Supports instant text input and image processing – the best creative platform for professional artists to sketch what you imagine!

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Paint and Draw en App StorePaint and Draw en App Store

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MyBrushes Pro has an easy and simple interface with which you do not need knowledge of color systems such as RGB, HSV and others. It allows anyone to easily create works by choosing the best background template from the large collection of brushes. It aims to be simple and fast and it achieves this. It has 100 types of realistic brush styles to simulate the effect of painting with brush, watercolor painting, oil painting, Chinese painting, drawing, Chinese calligraphy, etc. Equipped with an amazing painting engine and quality desktop features, MyBrushes Pro is the smart choice for professional illustrators.

Using this application, you can easily draw, paint and share your work anywhere and always with other art enthusiasts.

Most important features:

– Layer system:

– Unlimited layers (yes, even each layer has UNLIMITED size!)

– Create, delete and reorder the layers.
– Duplicates and deletes layers.
– Copy and paste layers.
– Import images from the Photo Library.

– Unique painting studio features:


– Playback anywhere, anytime. The previous painting is saved and has “undo” action. You can enjoy it or re-edit it during playback.

– Powerful paint engine to support fast, smooth and sensitive painting (precision and performance).

– Advanced brush system:

– Continuous self-storage, never lose a job again.
– The pressure sensitivity can be adjusted.
– Various types of high quality natural brushes: brush, pencil, pen, airbrush, chalk, charcoal, neon pens, special effect pencils

– Brush size adjustment bar.

– Help pointer:

– POGO Connect

– Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus

– Simple and powerful interface:

– Undo function Redo (an unlimited number of times!)

– mport images or pictures from your device and draw on your photos.
– Drafting tool to correct possible errors.

– Image gallery:

– They can be exported to an image file. You can choose to export your images in one piece or split the huge images into several blocks without losing quality.

– Background style templates (50 types).

– Share your art on Facebook,twitter,email, etc.


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