pack of two chargers on offer

If you have an iPhone with wireless charging capability or AirPods with the same feature, you may be especially interested in the offer we’re bringing you today: two discounted wireless charging docks. These are not only compatible with Apple devices, but will also work for Android devices.

Having a wireless charging base can be very useful to forget about cables. Put the base on the bedside table or any other place where it doesn’t take up much space, place the iPhone on it and don’t worry about it. If you also have more than one device that can charge by induction, it will be useful to have two charging bases as we have in today’s offer.

pack of two chargers on offer
pack of two chargers on offer

These two base loaders come in a pack for £16.99 , a real bargain that you can’t pass up. They also come in two stylish colours that don’t clash on almost any surface: black and white. As standard it comes with a 7.5W adapter which allows for faster charging than traditional, although you can connect it to any other higher powered adapter to get a fast charge.

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Both bases, of the Kdely brand, have a led indicator that will allow us to know if the device that is put on top is charging or not. Its non-slip surface also allows us to be sure that the iPhone or the device that is connected will not slip. They are also designed with a technology that controls the temperature so that neither the base itself nor the devices we connect get too hot.

Unfortunately devices like the Apple Watch, because of their shape, cannot be loaded on this base. But the iPhone and AirPods 2 or AirPods Pro can be. In fact it’s useful not only for one person, but also for the rest of the people in the household. Virtually all smartphones now have this type of induction charging, so it may be useful for equipment from other brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei.

We also have a good guarantee with both Amazon and the manufacturer itself. Therefore, any defect in these bases or any other fault that prevents us from using them correctly. We will be able to receive a quick solution and even a refund during the first days if we are not satisfied with the products, although they aim to be of very good quality.

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