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Overview of 10 applications to review on the Mac App Store

22 Comments 07 January 2011, 10:45 Salva Castro

With the release of the Mac App Store yesterday, we almost didn’t have time to eat the Reyes roscón to bring you the news we found there. Today we’re bringing you some recommendations on applications that we’ve found on the Mac App Store and that are very, very interesting or directly essential.

Overview of 10 applications to review on the Mac App Store
Overview of 10 applications to review on the Mac App Store

It is the case of this entry in which I put together ten very cheap applications, or directly free of charge together with others that are basic for me . From free browsers, minimalist Twitter clients, necessary tools and even really interesting utilities, as I say all of them without making a big expense for our pocket. One of the biggest advantages of this new system of consuming applications on our Mac is that they will be updated using the same Mac App Store, which will allow us to have them always updated, just for that reason I think it’s worth paying for them.

  • TurbowebLightweight and free browser that will please all lovers of minimalism and speed. It has not been designed to become our default browser, on the contrary, just like Sunrise Browser or other alternative browsers, it has been conceived for a punctual navigation, to consult a web page and that’s it.
  • Itsy is also a free and very lightweight Twitter client, it really takes up very little space on our desktop and has all the options we need to use our favorite social network without any problems.
  • Headlines is worth 0.79 euros but it is a quite complete feed reader but also with the mission of being something light, simple, reading headlines quickly, as its name indicates.
  • ImageWell Paying 3.99 euros for the best image editor I know is a luxury. If you don’t know this application, run to find out about it, it allows you to crop, add all kinds of text, simple objects (like sandwiches or arrows) and borders to our images, export them to various formats. A totally essential tool if you have a blog, one takes very little time to get used to using it instead of opening other more mammoth tools (I’m talking about Photoshop) to retouch and upload your images quickly.
  • Todolicious a task list, the typical To-do, really accomplished, with keyboard shortcuts to access our task list and for only 3.99 euros (at 50% for limited time). If list programs are your thing, don’t miss this one.
  • Bowtie What about one of the best and most customizable drivers on iTunes? Well, it’s free, and they’re releasing a new version on the Mac App Store. Another very good option that has also been renewed with the launch of the store is Coversutra at an interesting price of 3.99 euros.
  • Lyrica is a utility for iTunes that allows you to find the lyrics of the songs you play. It is being a real blast in sales, it is really fast in finding the lyrics. But maybe it’s not automatic, although it has a way to find the lyrics of a certain playlist. Of course, for 0.79 euros you get a program that will do its job and won’t let you down.
  • I Love Stars the bad news of the Mac App Store is that there are applications that were previously free and now cost some money, however the 0.79 euros that make pay for I love Stars seems to me that the application deserves it, allows you to enter the rating of what is playing in iTunes in a very visual way in the System Menu.
  • We’ve already told you about this beautiful application launcher, available on the Mac App Store for 2.39 euros. Another option is the free Alfred that my colleague Samuel told you about in another post.
  • Black Hole And we ended up with an application to carry out system maintenance and delete temporary files at will. It’s called BlackHole, it’s super easy to use and will cost you 1.59 euros.

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