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Overcast 3.0, the best features of iOS 10 come to the most popular podcast player

With the release of iOS 7, developer Marc Armet launched his Overcast podcast player, which is now one of the best on the App Store . Since then he has only updated it minimally but with important changes, in order to keep it up to date and still be loved by thousands and thousands of users. Today however comes Overcast 3.0, and it is the biggest update of all.

What changes Overcast 3.0 brings

Overcast 3.0, the best features of iOS 10 come to the most popular podcast player
Overcast 3.0, the best features of iOS 10 come to the most popular podcast player

The first thing we’ll see in Overcast 3.0 is a series of visual changes, starting with the icon itself. The Overcast icon has changed slightly , as it loses the shading it had in the background to give it a more similar look to iOS 10. On the other hand, the “stacked views” have been implemented, this is something that Apple introduced with Apple Music and Messages in iOs 10, it’s the card view, which is now also in Overcast.

On the other hand, Overcast 3.0 brings its own widget to iOS . This means that if we hold down the icon hard we’ll see the app widget as well as adding it from the Widget Centre. The widget itself isn’t much more than you’d expect: the episode that’s playing and the next few episodes that are going to play, but that’s more than enough.

Continuing with the 3D Touch, in each episode we can do peek&pop to see a preview of it. Also, if we slide up we can either play it, add it to the queue or remove it. Similarly, if we press hard in a notification we’ll have a richer notification to interact with the episode.

We continue with more visual changes, the playlist now shows a series of options underneath each episode. This is similar to Tweetbot when you click on a tweet: it slides down a panel of buttons to perform different actions with the episode.

Finally as far as visual changes go, in the playback screen now if we slide to the right we’ll see the audio and speed settings while if we slide to the left we’ll see more information and a description of the episode.

An update to catch up

Overcast 3.0 has arrived on the App Store to bring this podcast player up to date . It’s an update that integrates the best of iOs 10 and the best of iOS development into one of the most powerful podcast players available today. I’m a big fan of podcasts, and unfortunately it’s not easy to find an app that can keep you on it and make things easy for you. Overcast is fortunately one of them.

Remember that Overcast is available on the App Store for free . It has built-in ads in the bottom bar, although they don’t get very annoying. If you want to get rid of them you can pay an annual subscription of 10 euros. It’s a small amount if you use the app often and take advantage of it.

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