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Over a million reminders to Steve Jobs

It’s been almost two weeks since Apple co-founder Steve Jobs left us. On the company’s website they have announced more than a million messages received from people who wanted to express their condolences. If you haven’t already done so and feel the need to do so, you still can. The messages are displayed on the Apple website.

We are barely two weeks into the death of Steve Jobs, possibly one of the finest CEOs we have ever had the privilege to hear and, in many cases, to follow. His death has left behind many unforgettable images and acknowledgements from people all over the planet. The Apple Retail Store has been the board where many have expressed their grief, but also the official website of Apple , where an email address was enabled for anyone who wanted to leave their last message to Steve Jobs.

Over a million reminders to Steve Jobs
Over a million reminders to Steve Jobs

And as it could not be otherwise, people have turned over . On Apple’s American website we can see that has already surpassed the one million emails received with messages of nostalgia and gratitude. The text that the company has posted says the following:

After this writing, the e-mails that are coming from people who want to express their deepest sympathy to a figure as big as Jobs. If you have not yet encouraged and want to do so, the address to which you should write is:

Please note that the Apple Retail Store will be closed for one hour today in memory of its co-founder.

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