our weekly link list on Apple news

An anomalous month of April ends in which we have all been confined to the house, but still Apple has not stopped launching new products. We have the new iPad Pro, the new iPhone SE, and a good baking of rumors that pose an interesting future. What have the other technological media been saying about this? Let’s take a look with our weekly One More Thing.

  • Apple Maps’ Look Around, Google Maps’ Street View rival, has appeared in the city of Chicago. They tell us the details in MacStories.
  • Also from MacStories, Federico Viticci brings us his impressions of the Magic Keyboard. Viticci is known for working only with his iPad Pro, so his opinion is one of the most respected with this accessory.
  • In MacRumors they publish a video with their impressions of the iPhone SE:
  • Linus Tech Tips contrasts MacBook Air with some equivalent Windows laptops, from the point of view of someone used to setting up PC machines. It’s always good to see opinions that are far from ours:
  • In AppleInsider they compare the iPhone SE with the iPhone 11:
  • In 9to5Mac they also show in video what they like best about the new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro:
  • Finally, our neighbors in Xataka sum up all the rumors about iPhone 12 in a video:

We cannot say goodbye without reminding you all of our last Apple Live, with which we have the stellar collaboration of Angel Jimenez.

our weekly link list on Apple news
our weekly link list on Apple news

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