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The vast majority of us are still in quarantine (in Spain we are starting our twenty-third day), and we are ending a week in which a presentation of the so-called “iPhone 9” seemed imminent. We’ll have to wait a few more days, so we’ll do the traditional thing every Saturday and go over everything that has been said in other media about Apple’s current affairs . We start our One More Thing.

  • Our colleagues at Xataka talk about the effects of Apple’s purchase of Dark Sky, and how Cupertino are not the only ones who cut back on compatibility when buying companies or services. They also talk about it at The Verge.
  • By the way, Xataka themselves have released a useful guide for those who work with iOS and Windows, teaching how to make the most of the integration between both platforms.
  • In The Verge they talk about a good gesture from Apple in these difficult times for all Apple Card users: they can skip April payments without accruing interest.
  • In MacStories we have an interesting article that talks about the possibility of using an iPad Pro as the only machine for everything: desktop, laptop and tablet.
  • From Genbeta they present their good and bad impressions when using an external mouse with iPadOS 13.4.
  • On AppleInsider they have a video comparing the 2017 iPad Pro with the new 2020 model:
  • In MacRumors they make another comparison, but this time between the new MacBook Air and the new iPad Pro to see the main differences in focus between each device:
  • And if you’d like to simply review what’s new on the new iPad Pro, 9to5Mac has the perfect video:
  • From Xataka they have also perceived a close launch of the AirTags, so they review in video all the data that have been rumored about these accessories:
  • We leave you with our latest video, a live broadcast in which our colleague Pedro Aznar holds a talk with Victor Abarca about Apple’s current affairs together with Victor Abarca:

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our collection of links on current Apple news
our collection of links on current Apple news


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