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We are just one month away from the Mobile World Congress and all the technology companies are preparing to launch new products in the mobile world… except Apple. Cupertino’s brand continues with its philosophy of moving away from these big fairs, but we can always make the wait for new products more enjoyable with our weekly list of offers and discounts . Let’s go with our bargains.

  • The iPhone X may be discontinued, but some stores like Tuimeilibre have the 64GB model for 789 euros.
  • Even better in price is the 128GB iPhone XR, which in this store is yours for 769 euros in yellow.
  • And if you want to have a 64GB iPhone XS at a discount, the same store has it for 959 euros.
  • Nothing like this internal 120GB SSD from Kingston to enhance the components of a Mac you can open without fear of losing your warranty. Only ?23.87 on Amazon.
  • MediaMarkt has that same disk but with 960 GB capacity for only 129 euros.

Kingston’s 120GB internal SSD

  • Space Marshalls, an interesting looking action game for iOS, has been reduced to 1.09 euros.
  • If you use your Mac to play games, you might be interested in the Amazon discount on the Logitech G430 gaming headset: from ?109 to ?58.09.
  • If you’re looking for mass storage for your NAS, PcComponents has the WD NAS 6TB disk lowered to 205.01 euros.
  • Bridge Constructor Portal needs no introduction, and its price has temporarily dropped to 2.29 euros. Take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Your 15-inch MacBook will be perfectly protected in this Thule Crossover backpack. 25 liters of capacity for a reduced price of ?65.55 from Amazon.
  • Alto’s Odyssey is still down to a measly 0.49 euros. A game considered a must for our platforms.
  • Complete your bargains with brand new AirPods for 159 euros on Amazon.
  • This 25-inch LG ultra-panoramic monitor can be the perfect companion to expand your Mac desktop. And in PcComponents, it’s sold at a discount of ?149.
  • Surviving Mars, a strategy game to colonize the red planet, has gone down to 16.99 euros on the Mac App Store.
  • Do you have one of those new Mac mini with a 10Gbps ethernet connector? Well, Amazon has network cables that can transfer data at that speed for only 4.46 euros.
  • The official Product(RED) Silicone Case for iPhone 7 and 8 is discounted to 29 euros from Amazon.
  • Do you want to start managing your money better? The Mac App Store has the Savings 2 app for 7.99 euros.
  • In PcComponents have the EU Boom 2 reduced to 87.99 euros, for those who seek a powerful and portable speaker at a good price.
  • The Apple TV 4K is not so expensive if you buy it from Amazon (and it is the official Apple channel): the 32 GB model sells for 191.84 euros.
  • Samorost 3 is simply one of the best games you can buy for your iPad. And right now it’s only going to cost you 2.29 euros.
  • In MediaMarkt you have discounted WD discs: the 1TB Elements costs 57.90 euros while the 2TB model sells for 72.90 euros. Do you need 4TB? Then the price is 109 euros.
  • Cazando Gangas

    Logitech G430 – Auriculares Gaming de diadema cerrados USB (con micrófono), color negro y azul

    Hoy en amazon por 89,95 €

    0,5m – CAT6a Cable de Red Plano (500 MHz) Negro – 1 Pieza – Extra Alto Rendimiento DE Datos – 0,5m hasta 10 GB
    We don’t have those rumoured Apple headset earphones yet, but you can always buy the Bose QuietComfort 35 II in PcComponents for a discounted price of 259.99 euros.

  • An alternative to these headphones is the SONY CH500, which is discounted to 41.90 euros at El Corte Inglés.
  • We’re ending with the full version of The Sims 2 for Mac with all its expansions, which you can buy right now on the Mac App Store for just $16.99. For anyone who wants to remember the golden age of that game.

If after all this our Friday section falls short, you can keep up to date and at every moment informed of the main offers in the bargain hunting of Xataka, Xataka Mobile, Xataka Android, Vida Extra and Espinof, as well as with our partners in Shopping. You can see all the bargains they post on Twitter and Facebook, and even subscribe to their ads via Telegram.

our Bargains this week
our Bargains this week

On Apple s Slim Floor CAT5 Compatible CAT6 CAT7 CAT8 Compatible Internet Tape

Today in amazon for 4,53

Apple Silicone Case (for iPhone 8 iPhone 7) – (PRODUCT)RED

Today in amazon for 39,42

Apple TV 4K – Smart TV Player (32GB)

Today in amazon for 199,00

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