Otterbox Defender, extreme protection for iPhone 5: In Depth

Many of us use a mobile phone cover to protect our mobile phones. After all, our money has cost us (or is costing us if we have bought it financed or subsidized it). Otterbox is a company that specialises in mobile phone covers , offering various levels of protection for them.

Thus, we can find from cases with a silicone coating and a screen protector (Prefix), to cases that offer to be waterproof for at least 30 minutes if the phone falls into the water like the Armor, a real tank. Since such protection is “gunning for flies” for most users, we have stayed at the second level of protection. Otterbox Defender is a case that offers very good protection for the iPhone 5 , so let’s take a look at it “in depth”.

Otterbox Defender, extreme protection for iPhone 5: In Depth
Otterbox Defender, extreme protection for iPhone 5: In Depth

Thanks to the transparent packaging we can see that this is a case that offers a high level of protection for the phone against possible falls and blows. The case is available in various colours and even has some designs with the brand logo. We’ve tested the case in shades of blue to give it a touch of colour so that the various parts of the case look better in pictures.

The first thing we find is that he has a holster to carry the phone. Although it may seem an unhelpful accessory, if we plan to use the phone in the car as a possible navigator, the holster may be more than welcome to secure it to the dashboard . The holster fits into a number of slots in the phone, securing it so that it doesn’t fall out.

Once the holster was removed, we found the phone case. The first surprise is that includes a screen protector integrated into the case . This is not an adhesive film as in other cases. The plastic is attached to the case and allows you to use the phone’s touch screen.

On the back of the phone we find a circular window that allows us to see the logo of the phone . The window is closed with the same protective plastic that protects the touch surface of the phone. After a few days of use, I didn’t notice any scratches on these plastics, so it seems to be resistant.

The camera lens is, along with the microphone and speaker, the only part of the phone that is left unprotected. I imagine there is a price to pay for not impairing the quality of the pictures, but it is a bit surprising given the high level of protection of the rest of the case.

As we can see in the pictures, both the power button and the start button are covered by the silicone layer. This plastic also covers the connector for the headphones and the charging connector. If we want to use them, we only have to insert the nail and lift these plugs a little bit. All these measures help to be able to use the phone in dirty or dusty environments, minimizing the risks to the phone.

Protecting our iPhone 5 with the Otterbox Defender


After seeing what the case looks like, it’s time to open it up and put your iPhone in a safe place. We have instructions to help you dismantle it. And I say good, because the case is made up of several parts. The outer part is made of silicone to absorb impacts. The inner part consists of rigid plastic (and the transparent protectors mentioned above) and other parts designed to protect the phone.

Once the silicone part is removed, we only have to open the two parts that form the internal hard shell where the iPhone 5 goes. This way, we’ll see that inside there is a part that protects the phone from possible scratches inside the case.

After putting the iPhone 5 in, it will take a few seconds to assemble everything again.

Use and Evaluation of Otterbox Defender

As you can see from the entrance, the Otterbox Defender is a cover for those users who need a high level of protection . Whether it’s for practicing risky sports, or for having “little crazy people” who can steal your phone and subject it to all kinds of torture.

In fact, and unintentionally, the iPhone has decided to “jump” from 5 feet tall. The fall onto a marble floor was inconsequential, with both the case and the phone in perfect condition. However, do not ask me to repeat the test on purpose because I almost had a heart attack.

The phone obviously gains in volume on all sides and also in weight. We are talking about dimensions of 137.67 mm x 79.88 mm x 34.47 mm, and a weight of 114 grams in addition to those of the iPhone. The screen protection is somewhat noticeable, although not as much as I thought. As it is not glued, we will notice how it touches the screen, but I have not noticed any loss of touch. And that’s because I had an adhesive protector underneath that I haven’t removed for the test.

The Otterbox Defender is not a case for everyone. Nor does it need to be. But if for whatever reason you need to protect your phone, is an excellent case against falls and bumps . And it also offers good protection against dust and dirt , although not complete because of the openings for the microphone, speaker and camera. The recommended price of the case is $49.95, or 59.95 if we want to choose the colors of each part or a custom one with some design, but a quick search on the Internet (Amazon) has yielded a price of 31.25 euros. Recommended if we need good phone protection. The holster is an added value, not only to carry it around but also to use it as a base or support.

We thank Otterbox for sending us a Otterbox Defender for the test.

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