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OS X’s hidden features The Captain

Just a few hours ago, Apple introduced OS X The Captain to the world during WWDC 2015. In this presentation we have seen the main new features of OS X El Capitan, which are many and very interesting, all of them. However, there are many more that have not given time to show.

This is a compilation of all the features of OS X The Captain that we didn’t see during the keynote. Some are quite important and others just small details, although it is these small details that make the difference and make OS X the best desktop operating system ever.

  • New typography in the system
  • Keyboard shortcut for switching between Chinese and English
  • Time to quit
  • File copy summary
  • Flight detector
  • Top Spotlight Safari Results
  • Disk Utility Redesign
  • Copying in the Finder is easier
  • New color picker
  • Changing the size of the Spotlight
  • Hide the menu bar
  • Find My Friends Widget
  • Suggested contacts
  • Improved autocompletion
  • New Japanese input method
  • Image editing extensions
  • Muting eyelashes in Safari
  • Link sharing extensions
  • Create a reminder from the share menu
  • New Languages in the Dictionary
  • Videos on AirPlay
  • New system typography for Chinese
  • Latest searches
  • Rename from the context menu
  • Suggested events
  • Dictation in Arabic and Hebrew
  • Changing the Safari Read Mode font
OS X’s hidden features The Captain
OS X’s hidden features The Captain

As we can see, there are many new features that OS X El Capitan brings, however not all of them, so stay tuned in the next hours and days, as we will publish any other interesting news we see.

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