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OS X The Captain gives more than just a washout to Disk Utility

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Browsing the betas of OS X The Captain has come up with a very interesting new feature that has gone rather unnoticed: the biggest revision of the Disk Utility tool since Mac OS X 10.3 with an updated more visual design, additional information about our drives and how they are connected, and the ability to resize partitions with a physical volume.

OS X The Captain gives more than just a washout to Disk Utility
OS X The Captain gives more than just a washout to Disk Utility

The old user interface has been removed in one fell swoop, and instead we find something more in line with the rest of the system. By clicking on a physical disk we can see a colored diagram that describes how it is partitioned, while selecting a logical volume as in the image above, we get a graph of the different types of content (applications, photos, movies …) and the space they occupy.

This information was already available in Yosemite under the Storage tab in the About This Mac option of the apple menu, but the new Disk Utility puts it right in front of us.

The tool for resizing our partitions has gained in functionality, but also in ease of use, with a new interface through which it is a piece of cake to resize a partition at the click of a mouse, all in a very clear and obvious way.

Interestingly, the First Help option may have been overdone by looking for a different way of doing things. The new interface completely discards the old tab with the actions to verify and repair the disk and its permissions, for a modal window that invites us to run a process to find and repair errors in the volume.

The idea that the first aid does not intimidate anyone is a good one, but in my own experience it was precisely the permit repair option, now gone, that has allowed me to fix the most errors in the past.

We still can perform this action through the command line using the classic diskutil repairPermissions but it is still curious. Update : The latest beta of The Captain also removes the permissions repair function from the command line, but at least we now know that this is not a mistake or an oversight, but something intentional. This is what Apple has to say about it: “File system permissions are automatically protected [in The Captain] and updated during software updates. The Repair Permissions function is no longer required.” . Good news then.

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