OS X Server, free for all developers

Mavericks is on the street, but so is his big brother OS X Server. This last version is very focused on app development and has incredible tools that make life easier for those of us who work developing for Apple, like a GIT server or the new bots. Therefore, Apple is offering this version, which has a price of 17.99 euros, free of charge to all registered developers of its programs. Find out how to get it and its possibilities.

OS X Mavericks is already among us, we all know it and many of us have already installed it. There are many new features, especially on the inside in terms of performance. The fact that it’s free took many people by surprise and it was a very smart move by Apple. But what few have noticed is that its big brother, OS X Server, has also been updated to version 3.0. OS X Mavericks Server is available on the Mac App Store, but this time it is not free as it is priced at 17.99 euros .

OS X Server 3.0 (Mavericks)

OS X Server, free for all developers
OS X Server, free for all developers

There are many things we can achieve by installing this new version, especially if we work in a company or our work environment is focused on Macs and iOS devices . Although we’ll be reviewing its capabilities in more detail, OS X Server is an addition to our system that installs all the network management software, servers and integrated collaborative tools that any company might need. Everything that costs thousands of euros in Windows Server licenses, Apple offers for just under 20 euros and, believe me, the same or better (though, of course, focused on making an environment where Mac and iOS prevail).

OS X Mavericks Server offers the option of sharing folders with permission management compatible with UNIX standards and access control list, through all known protocols such as NFS, AFP or SMB2, allowing you to connect to any computer whatever your system. We can manage configuration profiles for our company’s fleet of Mac computers or iOS devices, control access to applications, keys, permissions, distribution of updates and even integrates with Apple notifications .

Apart from all this we can centralize all Time Machine copies in one machine, put a Wiki for internal company documentation or create a company’s own GIT server for all development projects, perfectly integrated with Xcode 5 and requiring no configuration whatsoever .

OS X Server, free for all developers

And this is where we get to the news itself, after introducing a little bit what OS X Mavericks Server is and what it is for. As it is known, Apple is offering more and more options to its registered developers and one of the latest features to appear, with this new version, are the bots of Xcode 5. These bots allow you to create small programs that generate executables of the developments you send to the server and even install them in real time on registered iOS devices or machines for our company’s test team to test .

With a simple configuration, every time we upload a new version to the server, it will be able to compile our code, generate it, analyze it, archive it (generate the corresponding executables) and give us a report of the possible errors or warnings of it. You will be able to generate test versions and even perform performance analysis of the app automatically on the iOS devices you have connected to the server. We can configure stress tests to our apps and this bot will manage and communicate the results. A tool with multiple possibilities that Apple wants to enhance, so it has decided to offer this OS X Server for free to all registered developers of its programs.

Just enter the development portal, enter our username and password, go to the bottom and request a download code from the Mac App Store to download this server layer which is installed on a normal Mavericks installation. It only requires 10 GB of hard disk and at least 2 GB of RAM. A great addition that makes working in a Mac environment even more efficient.

In my almost 40 years of existence, I have worked with everything that can be worked on: I have been a technician of systems with Windows, Solaris, Linux, HP UX, I have developed with a multitude of languages, environments… Oracle, Microsoft or now Apple itself. And I can say with the experience in the hand, that what Apple offers at development level is far above the rest in terms of possibilities, ease, integration and tools . This step is another proof that Apple is at another level.

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