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OS X Mountain Lion version 10.8.3 available for developers

Version 10.8.3 of OS X Mountain Lion has just been made available to developers to test the new features and pay special attention to any issues that may arise. Following the release of version 10.8.2 last September, which included Facebook integration and improved Game Center, developers will now have to test the still unknown improvements that version 10.8.3 will offer

Today we learned that the 10.8.3 beta version of OS X Mountain Lion was available to developers at the Mac Dev Center. The new update, of which the contents are still a mystery, comes under the name 12D43. It should be noted that this is the third beta of 10.8.3 to be made available to the developers (remember that the first beta of 10.8.3 dates from early November)

OS X Mountain Lion version 10.8.3 available for developers
OS X Mountain Lion version 10.8.3 available for developers

Although the contents are still a mystery, seems to be that OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 has been optimized for the AMD Radeon 7000 chip, which leads one to think that an update of the Mac Pro for the next 2013. It is also said that the update will emphasize elements already present such as integration with Facebook and Game Center, as well as focusing on AirPlay, AirPort, graphics controllers and especially Safari.

As a curiosity, the way to download the beta versions of the updates has changed for the developers. It is now much easier and quite similar to the update process through the App Store, which reached the users with OS X Mountain Lion. The application that enables this is called OS X Software Update Seed Configuration Utility, through which developers will be able to set up notification and download mode for successive OS X Beta versions.

If we do a little memory, this has been the OS X Mountain Lion update history:

  • 10.8.1: It offered slightly longer battery life, which was practically the only drawback for users with respect to the new operating system.
  • 10.8.2: Major new features included the ability to use our phone number to sync Messages, as well as integration with Facebook and the extension of silent Power Nap tools to end 2010 MacBook Air.

Let’s hope that the streak continues and that the new features in version 10.8.3 will be at least as satisfactory as the ones we have received so far. As for me, I think that the battery life is something that could be improved even more , and I hope it will be so with the next update. Do you miss anything? , what are the improvements you would like to see in OS X 10.8.3?

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