OS X Maverics iBooks reads books for you

Apple improved many aspects of its operating system with its latest version, Mavericks. At Applesupportphonenumber, today we explain how to get iBooks for Mac to read the books for you out loud. But at least for now, it doesn’t turn the pages automatically, so we’ll have to do it manually. Want to know how to do it? In this article I explain you how.

With OS X Mavericks, Apple incorporated the iBooks application into the operating system, which we have known for some time now for iOS. No doubt this application is a great help for all of us who read on our iPad and our iPhone, but at the same time we want to have our bookmarks synchronized with our iMac or MacBook so that we can read on all of our devices indiscriminately.

OS X Maverics iBooks reads books for you
OS X Maverics iBooks reads books for you

Still, new details are coming up on each of the improvements, and this time it’s an option that allows Mavericks to read the iBooks for us just like iOS does if we activate VoiceOver.

To do this, first we must open iBooks on OS X, and place the cursor in front of where we want the system to start reading .

Then we have to go to the menu Edit> Speak and there tell the system to start the sweeper. At this point, the Mac will start reading until we go back to the menu to stop the sweeper, and it won’t turn the pages automatically. This means that if you want to move forward in the text, you will have to follow the reading on the screen and do it manually.

Also, if we only want to play a section of text, we just have to select the desired fragment and perform the same steps or press the right button and select the option from the context menu.

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