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OS X Mavericks will be released at the end of October

If a few days ago we watched the Developer Preview 7 of OS X Mavericks, today we received an unofficial confirmation from the American media that the new operating system of Cupertino’s boys will be released at the end of October, in the middle of autumn. What’s a bit disconcerting is what will happen in all this time that’s left, if the betas are in such an advanced state.

We knew that OS X Mavericks would be released this fall, but the exact date of its release was unclear. Well, today we found out that it would be made available at the end of October. It seemed that we would have it earlier due to the advanced state of development of its betas, but it seems that Apple still has things to do . Will it be a new interface more in line with iOS 7 that they have kept secret?

OS X Mavericks will be released at the end of October
OS X Mavericks will be released at the end of October

The last Developer Preview 7 came out a few days ago and brought some pretty interesting visual improvements. The problem is that at stability level the system is practically ready, we are already going for the beta 7 and Apple still has more than a month ahead . What are you going to do in all this time? Either they stop development in its tracks – which would be quite stupid – or they really have an ace hidden under their arm that nobody knows about yet.

So it’s clear that we won’t see OS X 10.9 around iOS 7, because Apple needs a lot of air between the versions of its mobile operating system, because in this one the changes are very deep and they don’t want the customer services and shops to be overloaded with user queries , so the smartest tactic is the staggered releases.

If we follow the story, we see how Apple released Lion and Mountain Lion days after the announcement of the Q4 fiscal results , which is usually in the second half of October, so Mavericks will follow the same trail as its feline brothers.

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