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OS X and iOS applications to choose color combinations

If you are a designer, surely the task of choosing colors when designing a website or an advertising campaign (to give just two examples), is one of the most important tasks you can face in the first steps of development. A bad choice or combination can ruin a great idea and all the work that goes with it . That’s why it never hurts to have some applications to help you do that .

OS X and iOS applications to choose color combinations
OS X and iOS applications to choose color combinations

Fortunately, the Mac has always been closely linked to design and this brings us a multitude of applications of the most varied design-related, and of course the topic that brings us today was not going to be less. For some years now, devices such as the iPhone or the iPad have been entering more and more into the daily life of any Mac user and design-focused applications are also appearing, we’ll see which ones.

OS X Applications

For the Apple desktop system there are many applications, and obviously they are the most powerful , therefore they are usually payment applications. Nor are they usually exorbitant amounts, at least not affordable for any professional who has already bought expensive licenses of the most cutting-edge design applications on the market.

Tangerine: What memories, right? The beautiful, colourful iMac and iBook Tangerine, born from Jonathan Ive’s experience in the candy factories. Tangerine is an application that for $39.95 (just over 30 euros) we can create a color palette that can be accessed from many applications. Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Motion, Xcode… Many are the applications among which we can exchange one or several color palettes created through this application.

ColorSchemer: This application has a desktop version (for both Mac and PC), with the same philosophy as the previous one, to have an application to create color patterns and get their hex values to port to any other design application. It also has an application for iOS and a desktop widget. The application itself is paid, $49 (just under 40 euros) but its Widget for the Dashboard is free. The Widget will offer us different predefined patterns to choose from.

ColorBurn: We are now dealing with a free Widget that doesn’t offer to create our own palettes, but shows us a predefined color combination every day. We will be able to see four color schemes and navigate through previous schemes.

Pochade: This application is always present in the top bar of our system, the taskbar. For $9.99 (a little over seven euros) we can access it at any time and navigate between the colors we’ve created in it. Hexadecimal, RGB or CMYK drivers will allow us to search for the color or colors we need.

Applications for iOS

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Color Expert: This iOS application is very versatile, firstly because it can be carried anywhere in your pocket and secondly because of the possibilities it offers. For 7.99 euros, you can choose colours, either from photos on your iPhone film, the camera, a colour selector or the Pants list.

Clicqcliq Colors: Utility very similar to the previous one, but with the addition that it is free. We can create palettes, upload them to the cloud or share them via email. Each color offers detailed information to be used in any design application of our Mac.

myPANTONE: This is the official PANTONE application. As you know, the PANTONE guide is the sacrosanctum of color definitions. Any self-respecting designer has in his possession some of these tables and with this 7.99 euro application we can carry it in our pocket and access it anytime or anywhere.

Color Stream: Another free application for iOS, with the great variety that exists of this type of applications in the App Store is never available to try them at no cost and choose which one is the most suitable for our needs.

The list is endless, and I’m sure many of you can point to a few more. If you’re a designer, there are many options available to you if you use a Mac (or PC) and it’s just a matter of using a few until you find the one that best suits your needs.


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