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OS X 10.8.4 beta shows support for 802.11ac wifi adapters


With OS X 10.8.4 beta already in the hands of developers it is normal, from time to time, to find references to future products, application versions or features. With the current beta occurring, it shows how Apple seems to be using wifi adapters that support the upcoming 802.11ac standard .

OS X 10.8.4 beta shows support for 802.11ac wifi adaptersOS X 10.8.4 beta shows support for 802.11ac wifi adapters

The localized code is newly included since in OS X 10.8.3 it is not listed, as shown in 9to5Mac. Therefore, new Macs will most likely include new chips for wireless connections that will allow speeds of 1 Gbps .

Apple computers now come with wireless adapters that support the 802.11n standard. The new version promises to be a revolution that aims to solve the problems we still suffer in wireless data transfers, especially for heavy content such as high definition video, backups, etc.

The new 802.11ac standard promises a speed of up to 1.3 Gbps and will work in the 5Ghz band. This frequency is less affected by interference and a considerable improvement over 11n which had a maximum transfer rate of 600 Mbps.

Of course, as with the first Macs with the 11n standard, we’ll need a compatible router to maximize the possibilities. There are already manufacturers such as Linksys and Belkin that have them and we are sure that future versions of Time Capsule, Airport Express and Extreme will do the same.