Os-tan, the cute side of the S.O’s

WikipediaTraducción de Trouble Windows The idea was born in a Japanese image BBS called Futaba Channel, with the discussion of how would be one of the most conflictive systems of Microsoft: Windows ME.

These, especially in the comic strips, have a similar character to the behavior of the system, for example as we talked about the Me-tan, this has a tendency to do things wrong or stay hung or in the case of the win2k-tan, that aspect and character to the professional and serious. The idea of the Me-tan spread like a virus and gave rise to numerous OS-tans, among which were the Mac Tan, which some like the Mac os classic sometimes appear in the comic strips of Troubled Windows (perhaps one of the best) fighting with the 95-tan. But it’s not just operating systems that are alive and well, and we can find others like iPod tans or even Dr. Norton.

Os-tan, the cute side of the S.O’s
Os-tan, the cute side of the S.O’s

Unfortunately Mac-tans are rare and do not follow the same rules as regular Os-tans (read Windows) . For example: the difference between the Xp-tan’s lead and the others translates into system RAM consumption, which makes me think… how should be the Vista-tan, however although Osx does not consume as Xp, the Osx-tan are not like this.

Why? Who knows.

And for those who wonder if there isn’t a smaller version of the os-tan, you’ll find that there are also os-kuns, though rare to see, although they sometimes appear in the strips of Trouble windows.

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