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Organize videos in iPhoto for Mac

All my photos are automatically imported to the iPhoto on my Mac through iCloud. That’s great. This allows me to delete photos and gain free space – for more photos – on my iPhone. Once a month I connect my iPhone to my Mac to transfer all the videos that I do want to save, as they are not passed through iCloud.

The problem came today when I was looking for a specific video, which I don’t know when I recorded, among my modest photo library of 5,000 items. That’s why today we’ll use the smart folders, in any case, smart albums in iPhoto . We tried something similar with the iTunes smart lists some time ago.

Organize videos in iPhoto for MacOrganize videos in iPhoto for Mac

This option can be found in the menu File , or with the key combination option, command and N . You can define any name you want for the album, the important thing is the rules, you just have to define the following condition:

That will bring together in this smart album all the videos from our photo library. Obviously you can define more conditions to better organize your videos with more parameters like for example the place, the date, the camera model… In my case 200 videos are relatively few and easy to search, but with a bigger collection it can be more complicated.