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Oral-B prepares its first intelligent toothbrush


Normally I’m quite skeptical about the real usefulness of putting Bluetooth on every living thing to control from our iPhone from the fridge to a light bulb, but although at first glance I started with the intention of cataloguing this ad within the group of absurd inventions I have finally seen the light.

Oral-B prepares its first intelligent toothbrushOral-B prepares its first intelligent toothbrush

The smart toothbrush that Oral-B will market in June is a good idea , and although its 219 euro price tag will throw you back, the prospect of going less to the dentist without sacrificing oral hygiene makes up for everything else.

This new model goes one step further than the SmartSeries range and seeks to help us improve our dental cleaning by guiding us in real time through an app so that we don’t leave any area to be covered. The app will indicate when we need to move the brush to a different part of the mouth and even alert us if we are brushing too hard.

According to tests conducted by the company, the app also has the effect of extending brushing time from the usual figure, less than a minute, to the rewardable 2 minutes and 17 seconds; as well as reminding us of course if we have forgotten to brush when it is time.

But Oral-B aren’t the only ones who will be putting a similar product in stores this year. The French startup Kolibree has also developed its own connected toothbrush and expects to market it during the third quarter of 2014 with features similar to those announced by its competitors.

The next step? The gamification of brushing so that children take it as a game. Time to time.