Opinion: Clickwheel technology is dying

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But besides this, was curious to see how the iPod nano was going to evolve, with all the fuss that the iPod touch multitouch technology is bringing.

Opinion: Clickwheel technology is dying
Opinion: Clickwheel technology is dying

Many people are wondering what is going to happen to the now classic technology of the wheel. Some time ago we interviewed in an article that all models of iPods were going to evolve into a multitouch family, and although the predictions of that article have not fulfilled all the predictions, this evolution is more or less fulfilled .

Personally I would have liked to see an iPod Nano ‘Touch’ on last Tuesday’s Keynote. This is what I wanted to see most, but it seems that Steve Jobs still has plans for the touch wheel interface . The iPod classic still has it, and the 4G iPod nano also has that interface.

However, looking at the new user interface and its renewed visual appearance, already you can see that the clickwheel technology is on the cutting edge . Although the new iPod nano has this interface, it already has the accelerometers to be able to enjoy a landscape interface when tilting the player, the playback interface is very similar to the iPhone and features such as shaking the iPod to shuffle through the songs show that Apple is experimenting with this Nano, slowly letting the characteristics of the iPod Touch or iPhone pass by to see how they are received by the user.

Therefore, and although there may be a whole year left to go by, my personal opinion on the matter is that this is the last iPod Nano with touch wheel technology that will exist in the market and the next one will be a reduced and limited version of the iPod Touch. A sort of “iPod Touch Nano”, to be precise.

Also, it won’t be long before we can see the Pod Touch with 64GB of space and even eventually 128GB, which will make the iPod Touch simply the iPod . And the iPod Touch Nano becomes the iPod nano. As for the iPod Classic, I see two possible futures for it: That it stays a good season as the veteran and the classic, as a tribute to the 1G iPod that started the musical revolution … or that he disappears when he becomes really obsolete, obfuscated by the iPod Touch when it outgrows him.

Who knows… maybe Jobs agrees with my opinion, or maybe he has even more plans with clickwheel technology. We’ll see what happens in the future.


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