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Operación wow HD en App Store

25 years later your mission continues Are your fingers ready to fight? Enjoy the first multi-touch shooter.

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Operación wow HD en App Store
Operación wow HD en App Store

? Touch Arcade: “Operation Wow has been lovingly crafted in the twenty of Operation Wolf … Operation Wow takes advantage of multitouch allowing you to shoot up to 10 bullets simultaneously (or possibly more, I ran out of fingers to test with).

? Apple: Featured in the New and Noteworthy section of the AppStore.

? The IPhone App Review: “I’ve played loads of different games on the iPhone, including hugely popular titles like Angry Birds, Legends and many more, but nothing I have played so far is so much fun from the moment” (55)

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Operation Wow challenges you again to complete 6 fascinating missions, but now you’ll have to use your fingers at full speed to overcome the exciting battles that will keep you glued to your iPad.

Forget the boring machine gun forever! Now you have the exclusive “Multi-touch fire” that allows you to kill your enemies using several fingers simultaneously.

It interacts with the objects displayed on the screen and causes intense chain explosions.

Enjoy two mini-games that will improve the speed and accuracy of your fingers and get ready to win the fight.

Immerse yourself in a mythical game with a unique game system.

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? History mode with 6 different levels: Base camp, Jungle,

Warehouse, Village, Rescue and Airport
? 3 levels of difficulty
? Game Center with challenges and online scores, fight to be the best.
? HD graphics and explosions specially optimized for

the iPad.
? 2 mini games and 2 endless modes available in the extended pack.

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