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Opera 10.50 pre-alpha is now available for Mac

The new version of the Opera browser is full of new features both at core and interface level, with new functionalities and a much improved performance . Will this new Opera version take market share away from its rivals? We’ll see, but so far it seems to be pointing in the right direction.

Hold on to your Norwegian browser fan seats, as here comes an entry with the main new features that you can find if you download and install this first and unstable 10.50 version of your favourite browser.

Opera 10.50 pre-alpha is now available for Mac
Opera 10.50 pre-alpha is now available for Mac

To begin with, the most important new feature is the expected Javascript engine: Carakan . In this first version of Opera 10.50 they announce that it is 7 times faster than its predecessor . In fact you have in genbeta “a browser speed comparison”:https:/www.genbeta.comnavegadorescual-es-el-navegador-mas-rapido-del-momento that breaks barriers, placing it at the top in terms of speed of all current browsers. Yes, even overtaking the very fast Chrome, that has proven it using Windows 7, it would be missing a benchmark in our system to see if it overtakes Chrome and Safari as it does with the Windows platform. I can assure you that in my opinion as a humble user, it is very fast.

The secret of this new Javascript engine nicknamed Crakan is nothing new, basically they have opted for precompiling the Javascript code instead of interpreting it , as in the JIT compilation that was introduced with Chrome and that is gradually being expanded to the rest of browsers. They have also integrated a set of techniques that reduce memory consumption considerably compared to other browsers . They have also introduced improvements in the HTML engine, Presto 2.5 integrates some additional features of the CSS3 spec sheet and includes a new graphics library three times faster than in previous versions and now called Vega .

Another thing to highlight about the Opera in the machine version is that the application has been rewritten in Cocoa , unifying the toolbar as the rest of the native applications. Among other small details, also highlights the support for gestures multitouch and the integration with Growl of the notifications.

They have also made a visual layer that integrates perfectly with the system , perhaps it doesn’t have as much integration as it has in Windows, since in Windows they have given support to the transparencies with Aero, but this version maquera is very achieved, in fact the set of preferences of appearance, is very complete. In the above screenshot you have the “Opera Standard” version that honestly looks better in Widows than in Mac and then you have the theme “Mac Native” which is the one that I comment that is quite accomplished.

Another new feature that the browser brings is the new private browsing mode , we can open a tab that does not remember anything we do, or we can open a window. While it’s true that the versions I’ve tested of the browser still have a lot of development to do, for example, you can’t log in
in Gmail with two separate sessions, one in normal session and one in private session, as I’ve tried, which makes it seem like it’s not fully available yet. “Opera Labs”:http:

They have also changed the way the web dialogs are displayed as in the screenshot, blocking only the tab, without creating additional windows as is also the case in Chrome. Also the address and quick search bars have been improved , as we have integrated our history pages, and now the browser will remember the searches we do, all integrated into a single bar.

“Opera 10.50”:http: It also has a number of bugs recognized as a high memory consumption, the disconnection of the Javascript engine in old processors or the lack of print support under our system. Use it at your own risk, now I tell you that it’s worth to see all the new stuff that will be integrated in this new version of Opera , you will want to see the final version to give it a chance.

Via /www.genbeta.comnavegadoresopera-1050-pre-alpha-ya-esta-disponible-oficialmente-y-con-carakanMás información /labs.opera.comnews20091222Download /snapshot.opera.commacOpera 10.50 8166_Intel.dmg

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