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OpenStreetMaps plays a dirty trick on Apple maps


A series of unfortunate coincidences has again caused a stir in the iOS 6 maps that Apple replaced with Google’s. Specifically in the city of Kabul, where fake street names have been seen intentionally labelled by students from Afghanistan. The culprit? A mixture of the decision of those students and the way Apple has used OpenStreetMap.

OpenStreetMaps plays a dirty trick on Apple maps
OpenStreetMaps plays a dirty trick on Apple maps

It turns out that a group of students from Kabul University entered the OpenStreetMap project with the task of naming streets, and when they saw some streets without an official name or with two names that disputed the officiality between them, they ended up giving false names as a joke : Bad Monkey, Mojo Street … eventually OpenStreetMap detected those names and solved the error.

But let’s remember that Apple used the information from an old OpenStreetMap database … with the bad luck of having these fake streets before being corrected. And here they are, the top screenshot you can see above was taken with my own iPad. I guess since Cupertino Eddy Cue will be working against the clock with his team of engineers to fix this and other bugs that still populate the Apple mapping platform.


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