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OpenID, new commenting system in Applesfera

OpenID y Wikipedia.Servidor OpenID de WeblogsSL
In WeblogsSL a new commenting system called OpenID is being progressively implemented in all our blogs. This identifies commenters only by a URL provided by the system, which you can change to whatever you like ( your blog, for example ).

OpenID is fast, simple and secure , as impersonation between readers is completely avoided, for example. Furthermore, thanks to it we will stop the harassment of SPAM and we will improve the quality of the conversation in the entries.

OpenID, new commenting system in Applesfera
OpenID, new commenting system in Applesfera

To get your OpenID , for free, you have to register on any OpenID server. At WeblogsSL we have created a Spanish language server to make this task even easier. Registration takes about 15 seconds : all it asks for is your name, nickname, email address and a password . You can then use the OpenID URL or your blog if you have configured it to comment on any site in the world that uses this system.

Of course, if you already have your OpenID, you won’t have to register again to comment on Apple . The rest of you can register now, to make sure you have your nick .

We have created a simple guide to help you with your questions, but you can also send us any questions you may have.

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