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Opel Adam, the first European car with Siri Eyes Free

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Opel Adam, the first European car with Siri Eyes Free
Opel Adam, the first European car with Siri Eyes Free

Opel is taking advantage of belonging to the General Motors group, which in the United States was the pioneer in incorporating Eyes Free in its cars, and is the manufacturer that is giving most push and support to this Apple technology. This is why they became the first European manufacturer to bring a car with Eyes Free, which will allow us to interact with Siri from a button on the steering wheel.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Siri’s Eyes Free feature on a car, in fact we’ve already told you about it several times. But today’s news is even more important, because we’re talking about the Opel Adam becoming the first car you can buy in Europe that can incorporate Siri’s Eyes Free .

For those of you who don’t remember, Eyes Free is a Siri feature introduced in iOS 6 that gives the steering wheel a dedicated button to make requests to Siri without taking your eyes off the road. Apple already told us that would be introduced gradually in some models of different brands , but until now we had only seen it in American cars.

Now that Eyes Free is starting to be implemented, Apple is coming with iOS 7 and another system like iOS in the Car is being taken out of the sleeve. This makes iOS the infotainment system for cars of all manufacturers that want it . We will start to see it in 2014, but for now let’s see how Eyes Free expands.

The Opel Adam has a trick, because really Opel is owned by General Motors, which is American, and has implemented Eyes Free in some of their cars , as another utility car similar to the Adam: the Chevrolet Spark.

As we can see in the video, thanks to the steering wheel button we can talk to Siri as if we were holding the phone . We can play music, send messages, check the calendar, etc.

What I would like to see is Eyes Free in more cars, and not just specific models. And this strikes me even more in the VAG group, where Volkswagen even makes special editions of their cars , like the iGolf or iBeetle, but they haven’t dared to integrate Eyes Free yet. Is something going on between VAG and Apple?

What is interesting is that this function is not being reserved for higher range models, but it is the more generalist and economical ones that can mount Eyes Free . Remember that the Spark and Adam are access models for Chevrolet and Opel, respectively.


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