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Only four days until the next Keynote. Rumorsphere

And here we are, on a Sunday, a moment that we always take advantage of to collect the best rumours of the week that have been leaking around the Apple ecosystem. And best of all, we have keynote in sight and the thing promises.

My personal opinion , is that obviously we will have new iPads. But just like the iPhone Keynote, Apple will introduce them at the beginning and “ship” us their new ones in just over half an hour . Yosemite and Apple Pay will also be launched

If you allow me to write down my personal bet, I think that the legend of the Keynote invitations “It’s been way too long” is very thought-provoking . I bet on a renewal of the Apple TV (nothing spectacular) since its software is also being updated. And maybe a new Mac mini with the launch of Yosemite.

Another point that could be seen, is some kind of renewal in the iPod range . I think Apple’s commitment to Apple Pay is very big, and we need to introduce more devices that allow you to pay with this new platform. But let’s leave aside personal lucubration and go for this week’s rumours.

  • Of course, we already have all kinds of leaks on different components of the iPad Air. We have the motherboard, touch ID sensors and a chip that has been identified as A8X, so as usual it will be identical to the iPhone but with more processing speed. We are also talking about 2 GB of RAM.
  • Already we’re seeing movement around Apple Pay. It seems that the date chosen for its launch will be next October 18th (two days after the Keynote). Internal emails from the Walgreens drugstore chain (one of the chains mentioned by Apple in the last Keynote) warn store managers to be prepared and understand the operation of the Apple platform.
  • We continue with the news concerning Apple Pay. The banks seem to be very satisfied with Apple’s security system, as some are even beginning to claim that they will take responsibility for any fraudulent use of this platform that affects their customers.
  • We keep going on about the iPad Plus or the iPad with a 12-inch screen, but this time to say it won’t happen. It seems that Apple and its suppliers want to focus on supplying the high demand for iPhone 6 that there is right now in the market.
  • The two gigs of RAM that the new iPad Air will have will be provided to Apple by the same company that provides the chips for the current iPad Air, Elpida. We also have images of this chip and the difference with the current one is negligible (less in its capacity obviously).
  • The current iOS 8 beta, iOS 8.1, points out that the new iPads will also have, like iPhone 6, the new Retina HD display. So we will also see a substantial improvement in display over the previous generation.
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    Retina display MacBook air rumors are back. Apparently it would be starting production already, but not at a sufficient level to be presented for Christmas. This 12-inch model would be the first MacBook air with a Retina display. There is talk that the screen would also be touch-screen, but this in my humble opinion, I see it as very unlikely.

And so far, this week’s Rumorsphere. Everyone, this week’s Rumorsphere is very busy. But don’t worry, as always, we at Apple will keep you informed. See you at the Keynote and don’t miss any of them because I’m planning to do a roll call .

Only four days until the next Keynote. Rumorsphere
Only four days until the next Keynote. Rumorsphere


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