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only 3% of Spaniards use the service

iMessage is a widely used service in Anglo-Saxon countries, but in other places like Spain its use is practically residual. This is demonstrated by a figure that the surveys of the Ministry of Industry reflected in the Cupertino podcast show without much fluctuation: only 3% of Spanish users use it .

That’s the equivalent of about 750,000 people, a figure that may be high but which pales in comparison to the tens of millions of people who use WhatsApp or Telegram . And it’s not that Apple is doing relatively badly in the country, there are many people who carry an iPhone in their pockets… so we must look for other reasons to try to explain why iMessage is only a small alternative in one corner of the Spanish market.

only 3% of Spaniards use the service
only 3% of Spaniards use the service

The main reason is, of course and as the source states, that iMessage is not a multiplatform service . You cannot use it if you want to communicate with people using an Android terminal. And even if iMessage integrates with SMS to solve this, there is already too much grip on the most modern messaging services that do not depend on the operators. When everyone uses WhatsApp and considers it a basic service, it’s very difficult to convince people to use alternatives.

Apple uses weapons such as iMessage privacy , or the ability to send Apple Cash payments through that platform. The problem is that Apple Cash is not yet available in the U.S., and when it is it will be difficult to attract the attention of an audience that is used to solutions such as PayPal or Bizum.

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In my personal experience I mainly use Telegram, but there are some people who use an iPhone and I communicate with them through iMessage as we both prefer that route. It is a very residual use if I compare it with the rest of my friends, but it could grow if Apple puts in place incentives for it.

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