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OnePlus 5, copy or inspiration? That’s the question

For many people (especially writers or music composers), the biggest fear in their work is that it will be too similar to someone else’s, a perception that comes to mind when we see the OnePlus 5 and the iPhone 7 Plus .

OnePlus 5 or how to get inspired by the competition

I guess the OnePlus design team had such a great idea that they must have thought “this must already exist, someone must have designed something similar to this”. Under normal conditions, a person who thinks that, gets scared, gets blocked. A fear of someone saying “this already exists”, or simply “you’re not the first”. At OnePlus they already knew the design of the iPhone 7 Plus for quite a few months, which makes me think that the OnePlus 5 comes out knowing that they will have to hear that from “that design already exists, it’s the same as iPhone 7 Plus “.

OnePlus 5, copy or inspiration? That’s the questionOnePlus 5, copy or inspiration? That’s the question

Design of the OnePlus 5 similar to the iPhone 7 Plus

For a moment, I’m going to try to help the OnePlus 5 with its design. To all those OnePlus engineers and designers I would say something like “never mind”, “whatever”, “it’s okay”. If your phone (OnePlus 5) is almost identical to the iPhone 7 Plus it doesn’t matter because it’s impossible for them to be the same. There are many aspects that OnePlus can copy or take inspiration from the iPhone, but there are always nuances .

iPhone 7 Plus in matte black and pink gold

It doesn’t matter that the engineers and designers at OnePlus come up with the same idea as Cupertino’s own workers. It doesn’t matter, really. Because, no matter how similar their housings are, they will never be the same on the outside or on the inside . The cameras (trying to implement the same depth features as iPhone 7 Plus), the battery, the processor, and the battery aren’t the same.

Not everything is design in telephony

The proof of the details is in the famous integration between hardware and software that Apple boasts so much about. This integration is what leaves the iPhone as a simple copy of the OnePlus 5. If you take “inspiration” from someone else to run something better, you become the reference instead of the plagiarist. Apple is an expert in this, PDAs and mobiles with screens already existed before, but when the iPhone arrived, it became the real revolution.

OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7 Plus

If you just choose to copy the design and nothing else, you risk being plagiarized . The processor is only able to match the performance of the iPhone 6s Plus (and sometimes not even that), the camera looks for depth effects along with a larger aperture without blurring the image (does that sound true?), and what about the software, that’s all that’s relevant in a Chinese terminal that looks similar to the iPhone. I know OnePlus won’t be able to access Apple’s chips, but the fact that Cupertino’s people choose to create their own processors is an important indicator to differentiate yourself from the rest .

Plagiarism is necessary on many occasions, I would say that it is implicit in progress. But that plagiarism must involve something else, and that “something else” is what the OnePlus 5 does not include. Perhaps, that is the main reason why the OnePlus terminal costs about 300 euros less than the iPhone 7 Plus. The details are paid for but I’m glad that the OnePlus 5 opts to improve its design for a prettier one than the previous , by the way, an idea for the OnePlus 5T (or whatever you want to call it), red is a color that has a lot of pull lately, ask Apple.