OneDrive upgrades by integrating with iOS 11

It has taken a while, but already OneDrive has been updated integrating with the new features brought by iOS 11 to our device, to help us be more productive in our day to day life with the Microsoft cloud, for example integrating with the native file app as well as other new features. All this has been the result of numerous requests from users with iOS products.

As soon as we enter the updated application we can appreciate a change in the interface making it much more attractive to the user and also making better use of the space available to it making it much easier to read the file titles so that we can find a document much more easily.

OneDrive upgrades by integrating with iOS 11
OneDrive upgrades by integrating with iOS 11

Source: MacRumors

Now, next to each document we will find s three points , something that has been incorporated according to Microsoft itself by users, who said that the previous method to see the options of a document was not very intuitive. Now by pressing these dots we’ll have access to everything we can do with the file in question.

Also visually we find that the previews are larger to be able to locate the documents more quickly. Also on the iPad they have solved the design problem that many users had complained about. Previously the multi-column view on the iPad was quite confusing so now it has been completely redesigned giving more space between documents and not being so cluttered.

It has also been made compatible with a new iOS 11 function: Drag and Drop. You can now select a document and quickly drag it into e.g. notes or email, which will greatly improve our productivity with the OneDrive cloud.

Following this, and as I mentioned at the beginning also has been integrated with the Files app , so now we can have all our One Drive documents in the native Apple Files app, along with iCloud Drive or other cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

You can find this update on the App Store on both iPad and iPhone. Leave us your opinion about this update in the comment box.

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